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Once burnt, twice shy, never again! He needs a job, she’s trying to save her family’s ranch, and neither of them is looking for an explosive attraction to complicate things. Sure the chemistry between them is real, but the timing is off — way off!

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His one obsession is her… From the moment Colette sweeps into my bar, I can’t stop watching her. Even when she doesn’t know I’m looking. Especially then. My cameras record her every smile, every frown, every moment. I study her until I know my girl inside out,

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He’s been burned by commitment. She can’t seem to find the one. Will the Colorado mountains be their matchmaker? Cam Blue can’t wait to spend the summer in solitude. After a grueling hockey season, all the sought-after defenseman wants is to retreat to his new

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An elf stands on a battlefield, ready to strike. A fae prince falls for his mortal enemy. Whether this collection of stories takes you for a journey through a magical landscape or brings a creature from a distant land to your doorstep, you won’t be

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A weekend getaway, filled with curvy steam, changes everything for this English footballer. James Hawkes: Being Britain’s newest football hero has its perks. By most people’s standards, I’m living the high life. I get paid to play the game that I love. Not only that,

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