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In the protection game, sometimes you have to be ruthless… Navy SEAL Montgomery Sparrow practically lives in the danger zone. It’s his job. So when terrorists bomb the nation’s capital, he’s at ground zero, prepared to rally his elite team and neutralize the threat. He was ready for anything. Well,

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Can a group of hopeless romantics finally find love? Or are they destined always to be a bridesmaid and never the bride? Bronte Fishburn loves her hometown of Willow Ridge and her job as an elementary school teacher, but she wishes she could find someone

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Two sisters. One spell. A bit of chaos and a lot of romance. Samantha Covington has always believed that order and restraint are the most important ingredients to a happy and safe existence. She prides herself on her absolute control, especially when it comes to

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Sometimes being the leader isn’t easy. Especially when two hot guys are distracting me. And they’re both forbidden. I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m at Legacy Academy. It’s high school all over again with mean girls and me fumbling through classes, trying to control

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