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Maxx Reynolds needs help. His shop, house, and life are all in a state of disarray. In desperation, he turns to the internet to hire a new employee, thinking it will make his life easier . What he expects is a fellow named Charly. What

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Needing a fake date in a hurry leads to intense awkwardness. Especially when your dumbass chooses a girl from the dating service that looks a little familiar. Like “we got drunk and married in Vegas one night” familiar. Cause we did. But she needs money

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This special operative knows how to woo the ladies…but only one ever captured his heart. Ben Knight has held a lot of titles during his career in the military, but his best-known gig of Louisiana playboy is up when he’s approached to head a new

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Serena is determined to build a good life for herself and her twin boys following a devastating breakup. Fiercely independent and prideful, she’s doing everything she can to keep them afloat and not ask for help. That plan works out fine until Mother Nature, crying

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Picture it: Pine Grove, Louisiana. The year is 1986. A clueless divorced man stumbles into a world he never knew existed: aerobics class. Stacy: I’ve always been the practical one in my friend group. Level-headed. Responsible. Cautious. Until the day HE came into my aerobics class…

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