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Sebastian Lee is a self-serving playboy. Arrogance personified. There’s no need for clever seduction. He merely circles his prey, just waiting to make his move. With his sinfully handsome looks and confidence to match, I’ll take a swim. It’s just one night, right? This single

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Elizabeth, once an heiress, suddenly penniless and forced to become a servant to her beautiful cousin in her uncle’s house. Adam, a dangerous, wealthy rogue determined to buy a title, who rescues her. David, England’s wealthiest peer, who steals her away. Three great characters, a

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Originally published as Guarding Their Valentine, but India deserved more! So, I’ve re-imagined her story as a full-length hot baby-making reverse harem mafia romance that brings the heat and happily-ever-after! My trio of bratva men were a one-night stand. My filthy little secret I got

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I made a promise to my brother I would get vengeance for him. I plan on keeping that promise. Even if I have to take the enemy’s bride. To make him suffer the same way my family did. The little princess has no clue she

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