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She left Cedar Cove and everyone who went with it behind. He will not let her walk out of his life for a second time. Theo Seven years is a long time, but not long enough, apparently, to extinguish a love like I harbored for

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This is a steamy reverse harem romance novella that brings the heat and the happily-ever-after…in one sitting! She’s supposed to be untouchable. Forbidden. The delicious sweetness we’re not allowed to crave and a scandal waiting to happen. Yet, we refuse to go another semester without

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I told myself I was done with men. After a string of bad relationships, then the devastation of losing my mom to cancer, I knew life would never be the same. Losing my mom was hard enough, but finding out she had lied to me

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We shared one WILD night in Ireland. Then the goddess I’d die for skipped town. Today she has returned. And her kid has MY eyes. Both my desire for Aisling… And her beauty are unmatched. But she kept a BIG secret from me. A cute little girl

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