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We shared one WILD night in Ireland. Then the goddess I’d die for skipped town. Today she has returned. And her kid has MY eyes. Both my desire for Aisling… And her beauty are unmatched. But she kept a BIG secret from me. A cute little girl

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Can one wild night lead to the forever kind of love? Betty I’ve been a good girl my entire life. Always followed the rules, toed the line. As the police chief’s daughter, it’s been expected of me. But tonight, I’m done with the boring way

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Throw Like a Girl (Book #1) It’ll take the perfect pitch to convince him to give her his heart… Kenny: I don’t do long-distance romance. Which means getting involved with a player’s sister is out of the question. Penny Montgomery’s life is on the road,

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Cassidy I thought Burke was someone else when I tried to spy on him. Now I can’t get rid of the guy. He’s gorgeous, charming, and sweet. There’s no way this can last. Burke Before Cass dropped into my life I had no idea smart

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Dodge Ward used to have a place he called home but now the road is his only home. Without ties to anyone or anyplace, he is happy living his life on the road, eating in dingy diners, and avoiding the trappings of normal, boring, life.

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Bennett Blisswood isn’t searching for more, but fate has other plans… The one-night stand with Kelsey was my comfort when I needed it and the escape she wanted. The friends-with-benefits arrangement that followed was our fun —barn trysts included. No strings, simple, and easy. That’s

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