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She came back to win…and to rewrite a narrative created so long ago… Chad Hanson has one true love: being mayor of Ardor Creek. With his charming personality, kind nature, and adoration of the small town, it’s as if he were born for the role.

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Trinity was just trying to get to Temecula to see her cousin and start her new life. What she didn’t do was plan accordingly, and ran out of gas in the middle of the desert on her way. When an insanely hot biker takes pity

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Ross Wynton, leader of WEST Protection. He’s got a head for the tactical and an instinct for danger. Then in walks the one person who reminds him that he’s also a man. After a big breakthrough with her gene editing project, Doctor Pippa Hamlin is

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There was no way Lisa Morisette was going to fall for her celebrity dance partner. No matter how sexy the professional wide receiver was. Or how hard he pursued her. Hale Bucannon wasn’t used to giving up on what he wanted. And he wasn’t about

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