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There was no way Lisa Morisette was going to fall for her celebrity dance partner. No matter how sexy the professional wide receiver was. Or how hard he pursued her. Hale Bucannon wasn’t used to giving up on what he wanted. And he wasn’t about

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Christi Cabernet, Raven Merlot, and Alexandra Noir put together 70 stories, more than 1,200 pages of erotica, just for you. This giant bundle contains month’s worth of stories of people experiencing their wildest fantasies, their most forbidden desires, and their most unmentionable and private ambitions! – Casey and

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Right person. Wrong Time. An Army officer visits a mysterious antique shop and is given a hope chest containing love letters written more than fifty years prior by a nurse in Vietnam. Mike Falco is a young Army lieutenant and 1960s aficionado. When Mike visits

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Meet the Red Ridge Pack. Possessed by the Alpha: Gunner is the Alpha of the Red Ridge Pack and has been searching for his mate for years. Then, Bea finds him – but with pack members who are less than welcoming and an old threat

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We are the ones who walk barefoot through hell, making it out the other side with nothing left except sheer will and a whole lot of grit in our pockets. By losing everything, others hailed us as beacons of hope. Our journeys were by no

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