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From the first time Leon Falcon sets his eyes on Penny, he wants her. Usually, a gentleman of his stature would woo a woman, court her and get her father’s blessing. But Falcon doesn’t have to do any of that with Penny because it’s 1864

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Why settle for a pickle tickle when it’s more fun to play hide the salami? When Brigeeta “Geet” Posche got an invitation to her bestie’s wedding, she couldn’t have been happier… until she found out the location. Of course, Kami and Len couldn’t rent a

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She’s a princess locked away without any hope. He’s her dark knight in leather. Stag has been in and out of juvie for years, but now he’s determined to keep his nose clean… or as clean as the Road Captain for the Fury Vipers MC

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It was so fast. The more I got to know Adam, the more I wanted to be his girl. But our lives were so different, even though I was already addicted to his touch… I’d never even thought of being close with a man until

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