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The last thing anyone wants is to be a dispensable member of the leading mafia family. But that’s exactly what Luciana is. As a lowly cousin and the only female offspring in the Torrio mafia family, Luciana is just the bargaining chip her uncle needs

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A fake girlfriend… …from Hell? Jilted by his fiancée, Ryan joked that a fake girlfriend would get his well-meaning family off his back. But he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t expecting his buddy to grant his wish like a damn genie in a bottle. Torturing the souls of

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When Rachel wakes up in a stranger’s bed, she doesn’t know how she got there or who he is. Embarrassed, she only wants to slink back to her friend’s house where she’s been staying since her ex broke her heart. But Ram has no intention

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Welcome to Willowfield and meet the Waite brothers in this three book collection of instalove, slow burn, and second chance romance. FIX MY HEART Milo Waite is determined to fix her home, and her heart… After Violet Blake buys her nan’s former home, she’s shocked

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The Complete Series. Three Brothers. One Asshole Father. And a whole load of F*cked up trouble. Unlawful Book #1: The last thing Colt (Cannon) Gunner expected was to have a crazy connection with the young, pretty, feisty blonde the Young Outlaws vowed to protect. The

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