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Can two broken souls save each other—and escape the ghosts of the past? Tristan Barnes has gotten really effing awesome at faking normal. After he escaped years in captivity, the healers of the Silverlake wolf pack turned him from a tortured, insane, three-quarters-wild killer wolf,

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Chemistry was never the problem, everything else was. As an adult, Antonio Alverez has success beyond his wildest youthful dreams. Everything he needs and everything most women want. Which is why he’s mystified when Julia Millan won’t give him the time of day. His interest was

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Lucas Kade is the sexy single dad who is about to get a different outlook on love… Moving back to my small hometown to set up my medical practice feels like starting over. I’m slowly putting the mess of my soon-to-be divorce behind me. Not

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A STRANGER KILLED HER HUSBAND. WHY DOES HE WANT HER DEAD TOO? Finally! Lainey’s getting divorced from her abusive husband. All she has to do is verify his current address. But she finds the mysterious compound where he works deserted. As she investigates, she barely has

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Moose Mountain is calling more Cooper men home, and this time it’s the women of the town that are in their sights. Search and Rescue Coordinator, Max Cooper, has heard the mountain’s call. Now he’s returned to his birthplace to see whether the Moose Mountain

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Maxence’s brother was trying to kidnap or kill him, and an organized crime thug wanted to cut off Max’s head and feed it to the sharks for entirely different reasons. So, when a cute little blonde stood up on a barstool in the middle of

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