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Can a holiday cure a broken heart? For divorcée Kate Delaney, it’s time to show the world that she can get along just fine without a man. Embracing her son’s desire to propose to his girlfriend with her usual overzealous planning, she organizes a vacation to

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I knew she was sin in stilettos the second I laid eyes on her… But did that stop me? Hell, no. Because I’m nothing, if not a risk taker. And Roxi Rickoli, with a snake tattoo climbing up her leg and hinting at unparalleled pleasure,

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Born in flames. Destined to lead. To save my people. Up until yesterday I think I’m merely human, but that is before they come for me. Barbaric dragon shifters from the Degon Realm sent to stop me from taking what is mine. Backed into a

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One billionaire bad boy in search of a short-term girlfriend to close a major business deal. One analytical relationship coach looking for a test subject to prove her dating theories. He makes a bet with her that he’ll never fall in love…and it just might

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