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When one of the partners requested his daughter do her internship at his law firm, Beau Trahan reluctantly agreed. He didn’t want a high school student underfoot, but her dad was one of his top lawyers. The last thing he expected was to see Isabella

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Selling one’s daughter isn’t as rare as you’d think. But to the Captain of a pirate ship? It’s the best thing that has ever happened to a sheltered young lady who quickly discovers she has a taste for adventure. Captain Samuels: We were pirates. Er,

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He isn’t the man I wanted. But he might be the man I need. I’ve never made a choice for myself. Not a single decision about my life. And who I will marry is no different. I’m not surprised when my family bargains me to

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They call him the god of war. Damaged. Lethal. Ruthless to the point of savagery. They’re not wrong. I had only heard whispers of his notorious motorcycle club up until the day he roared into my life with raging steel eyes, unwavering resolve and an

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