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A Murder. A Mystery. A Mate. As the death toll in the human world escalates, the leader of the shadow wolves proposes a union with another clan to unite them against the reapers, but Dannika’s betrothed is not the man she has chosen. When a

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Who knew that an old pair of glasses would help me spot the love of my life? I met plenty of interesting people while working at the bookstore information desk. But I was not looking for men, unless they wanted directions to the thriller section.

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I’d do anything to take over my dad’s money management company. Even entertain deer hunters at a cabin in rural Alabama. Growing up in Atlanta I learned two valuable lessons: how to shop and how to do business. My mom taught me the first. My

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The four mafia kings of Chicago saved me from death. Brought me into their world and taught me not all is as it seems. They’re ruthless. They’re beasts. Incapable of love. Yet these corrupt kings live to grant my every wish and desire, but I

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