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Sloan McCall is a dead shifter walking. A former Shifter Special Forces operative, he’s been underground since his last mission imploded—causing the death of a woman who’d loved him, and leaving his snow leopard irreparably broken. Now his past is hunting him down: the military,

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Amidala’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her late father’s long-held secret. Armed with little information and so many questions, she leaves the safe confines of home, her job, and her family to find the answers, and more importantly, find Aria and the

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I’m Elle. Broken-hearted and just another plain, ordinary girl with her feet firmly on the ground. But secretly I burn inside and out to be the woman between them. It wasn’t always like that. I left them two years ago out of fear of how

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Escape into 7 sweet romances from 7 bestselling sweet romance authors. For a limited time, get these heartwarming stories of love and friendship, hope and happiness, and discover new authors, revisit the ones you already know, and escape reality with the best sweet romance there

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When America Alverson gets a bit tipsy at a conference… And her hunky rancher boss has one too many… Do two wrongs make a right? They’re about to find out.

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A woman in danger. A Marine sent to protect her.   Enrique From the moment I saw Maddie Weeks, I was smitten. We could’ve had a great love affair, except for three little things: 1. It was my job to protect her. 2. She was

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