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Megan left Double Creek fifteen years ago after getting clean. A small town was a hard place to escape who she used to be. For fifteen years, she served as a paramedic in Austin. With trepidation, and a secret she’s never shared, she returns to

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In Chicago’s underworld, they are known as the four mafia kings. Lethal. Beautiful. Corrupt. To me, they are my enemies. Because of them death stripped away my veil of innocence, leaving me vulnerable to the likes of criminals like them. I’ve learned the hard way

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Skylar Hicks had nothing in common with the wealthy outsider of the town’s founding family. Jumping back into the dating pool with anyone was the last thing she had time for, and certainly not with Baxter Moore after how awful things had gone when they

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It was only supposed to be one night… Laura Cunningham is gorgeous, witty and tough as nails…and still single in her late thirties. After dating every man in Manhattan, she’s resigned herself to the fact that true love just might not exist for her. Certainly

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I’ve had a crush on Lawson O’Connor since forever but it can never be, he’s my older brother’s best friend. I always thought the feelings were one-sided but recently, I’m beginning to suspect otherwise. A subtle touch here. An inappropriate comment there. A smoldering look.

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It is neither intelligent nor polite to tell a true Southern woman with a gun she can’t do something. But after I was informed my career with the F.B.I. was dead in the water, I packed up what little pride i had left and returned

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