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Olivia Holland doesn’t believe in astrology, Tarot, smudging, or aura cleanses. She might change her mind about manifesting. Does it count if she’s fake engaged to the man of her dreams? Even though he’s been her best friend for years, Liv doesn’t know how to communicate

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Carli Hopps is looking to start life over. New city, new career, plus a new healthy outlook. Spa days, spoiling herself, and spending days at the local gym to take care of her body. Carmine is the grumpy and gorgeous physical trainer at Fit Factory.

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The first time I lay eyes on the man of my dreams, I mistake him for someone else and chew him out. Talk about embarrassing! Now the handsome father of my favorite student is all I can think about—but if it weren’t for the yelling

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Sparks fly until they find out they’re enemies. Ex-con Lacy has never been lucky in life or love, but that doesn’t stop her from hoping for a fresh start. Then sparks fly with a handsome stranger while on the annual company retreat. Could this be

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The last thing anyone wants is to be a dispensable member of the leading mafia family. But that’s exactly what Luciana is. As a lowly cousin and the only female offspring in the Torrio mafia family, Luciana is just the bargaining chip her uncle needs

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