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Sawyer Ward had heard wild stories about Katie Blake from her brother—his best friend and business partner. The last thing he expected was to fall for her the minute they met. She was nothing like her brother described, and Sawyer quickly realized the gorgeous blonde

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Hot rock stars? Bad boys? Finding the perfect woman? Sexy times? Yes, please! Dig into this box set containing four full-length rock star romance novels. Includes: Bullet, Everything But, On The Run, Love and Lies. Plus two bonus novellas: No Place Like Home & Beating

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I did what was asked of me, not questioning my Prez, I just put my head down like the good soldier I was, paying the ultimate sacrifice. Lavender is off limits as the MC princess, everyone knows that, if they didn’t I made sure it

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Trey Fine, sexy retired model. He was out of my league. Too young. Too gorgeous. Too much…everything. That didn’t stop me from looking. From wanting. But when Trey’s gaze finds mine and his interest is piqued, can it be real? What does a hot young

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Two lawyers. One divorce. And a past to overcome. Leo Ward: Born a billionaire and employed as a corporate lawyer, I was driven, determined and obviously easily distracted by a nice ass. How else could I explain marrying a gold digger? In my defense, Sable

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