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Cody Benton was older, and an ex-con, he clearly hated me. I knew he wasn’t gay. He knew I was, though. He would harass me every chance he had on the construction site. But I couldn’t stop looking at him every time he was moving

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She’s working in a dead-end job. He’s a billionaire in need of a nanny… Kali I’m working in yet another dead-end job when Mr. Handsome himself offers me a position as his live-in nanny. His mansion is luxurious and elegant, and I’m way out of

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On Valentine’s Day, three young women make a pact: each of them will find the man of their dreams in one year’s time. This steamy box set contains the stories of how Kait, Sierra, and Gabi strive to meet their Mr. Right—and how their lives

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My instincts had always served me well. Listening to my gut, the warning voice in my head that told me when to walk away. I never failed to heed the signs. Until the day she walked into my office. I knew she would be trouble,

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