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Sisters. Inspirations. Legends. Meet… The Muses. In between juggling their own dramas and romances, the nine sisters are paid to motivate souls and reignite passions. But never before have they faced a job like this. Hedone, The Goddess of Pleasure, hires the sisters to save

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His dream became her nightmare. Stacy and her boyfriend Dawson join a community of travelers on a Caribbean island to start a new life, but Stacy soon realizes their paradise isn’t what it seems. Immediately something seems off with Vea, the community’s sexy leader, and

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Let’s push the envelope! Are you ready for some heat? Inside are 50 explicit stories with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and so much more. These stories include paranormal erotica, stories of women aggressively seeking submissive pleasures, stories of women taking control, couples experimenting together, a

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The Playing With The Jock Box Set: Three determined heroines. Five athletes with bulging muscles that are going to take you on a wild ride. Three new adult sports romances. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed! Includes: Power Play, 3-Pointer, and Going All The Way.

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