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Patch is the next Silver Saint to fall…for the woman meant to be his.       *Goes Live 01/24/2022*

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She’s a daydreamer. One with big plans. He was the boy next door. Then he grew up. After years of planning, Layla Swanson is months away from the one thing she’s been waiting for. She’s graduating from her tiny high school and going to college.

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Arabella and Gaige are total opposites. She’s super girly. He’s all man. She makes decadent desserts for a living. He hunts down information on bad guys. But from the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable.

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She’s my friend with benefits. But I had to break it off. She’s my best friend’s sister. Even though the woman is hotter than sin, sneaking around behind his back is too much. I’m not sure what the hell I thought was going to happen.

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Keeping this staycation fling casual turns out to be impossible when you can’t help falling in love. Dr. Rosie Snyder doesn’t do vacations. Period. So when she’s ordered to take three weeks off, she’s at a loss until her best friend ropes her into fulfilling

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I was her partner. Her ride or die. She was my lifeline. My sanity. Until I did the unspeakable. The unforgivable. I thought I was strong enough, but I was wrong. I became the monster I was sent to take down. Losing my lifeline… there’s

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