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Milo Waite is determined to fix her home, and her heart… After Violet Blake buys her nan’s former home, she’s shocked to find it in a state of neglect. When the local renovation company come to assess the property, builder Milo makes it his mission

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I told myself I was done with men. After a string of bad relationships, then the devastation of losing my mom to cancer, I knew life would never be the same. Losing my mom was hard enough, but finding out she had lied to me

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The ranch foreman, the fiery new designer he hires, and an old flame that could burn them both… Jace Lovell only has one thing left after his fiancée abandons him at the altar: his job at Horseshoe Home Ranch. He throws himself into becoming the

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Not your typical university… Melody Davenport, a girl raised in a strict household, is given a scholarship to attend a prestigious university. But it’s not all physics and calculus. When she cheats on a test, she quickly learns that punishment means something else entirely here

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