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Lola I clean mansions for a living. The notorious heavy metal guitarist isn’t supposed to be home when I show up. But he is, and everything goes wrong. After a near-miss dog-attack incident involving peanut butter, I’m convinced Karl Sommer is going to fire me.

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Aiden “Rider” Brand knew the Silver Saints MC rule about sisters being off-limits. But he had no clue that his VP was Wendy West’s big brother when he met her. And after their night together, nobody was going to keep him away from the woman

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All these years she’s loved him, and now fate is asking her to decide. Try one more time or walk away. Paige Weaver hasn’t been home to California since the tragic death of her beloved older sister, a loss that ripped her family apart. Sixteen

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Be afraid… Dark days are coming… Dark When a town like Bentley is no longer safe for children to play outside, something needs to be done. When it affects someone I care about—all hell is about to break loose. Rae There are monsters in Bentley

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