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You must fall before you can rise… Former Delta Force Operator. Scarred inside and out. In the military, Mercy had seen and done things most people could never imagine. Now working for In the Shadows Security, dangerous jobs are his specialty, the more difficult the

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It’s Bear’s turn to find his woman.   *Goes Live 01/10/2022*

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Babies make four? No way. Just because Brett helped me when my car broke down, Doesn’t mean I can trust him, I can’t let him in, even if I want to. Caught in the rain, we shelter at his cabin. One thing leads to another,

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I was supposed to be the nanny… not play with the daddy. Jason isn’t your typical rich guy. Tatted. Tall. Abs like granite. And a smile so delicious I can feel myself melting under his gaze. Our time together is passionate. Our growing love is

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Sometimes, a tragic ending makes for a beautiful new beginning. Andi- For ten years, I was married to my best friend. It wasn’t the most exciting of marriages, but it was safe and secure. After growing up in the foster care system, that was essential.

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The errand the head of Ember Brandt’s coven asked her to run was supposed to be simple. She didn’t mean to break a rule that could get her killed. Using her fire magic to protect herself was done without thought—like breathing. Dawson Veles was laid

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