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Barrett “Hack” Moore has been obsessed with Paisley Wessex for six long months. All it took was one glance at her picture for the tough MC enforcer to fall for the sweet college student. Staying away from Paisley was the last thing Hack wanted, but

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There are few things worse than being on the Arcane Bureau of Investigation’s naughty list. To keep herself out of hot water, Darby Adler has made a deal with the devil—using her skills as a grave talker to help the ABI solve some very cold

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It all started with a call from my past. After scrimping and saving, Bridget Smith managed to get her forensic IT agency up and running. No small feat considering her father left her destitute and friendless after committing fraud, which forced her to change her

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Camden McMahon has never trusted witches. He’s willing to temporarily overlook his animosity and work with a coven in order to put an end to the threat against his family. Then he meets the daughter of their high priestess, a gifted witch in her own

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I don’t break the rules. And falling for my little sister’s best friend would definitely be breaking the rules. Getting her pregnant was downright irresponsible. GARRETT Aria is young. Too young. My little sister’s best friend is off-limits and always has been. Even if she

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