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The Man of the Month Club monthly meetings become the hottest ticket in Indianapolis as word of the new matchmaking application’s surprising, wildly successful pairings begins to spread. JANUARY: Maggie’s scars are visible to everyone. Jett’s are hidden deep inside. They are both too damaged

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Jared “Mac” MacKenzie is used to making tough decisions as the President of the Silver Saints MC. When a member of a rival MC puts one of his brothers in a coma, he’ll do whatever it takes to get answers—including kidnapping Bridget Pierce, their president’s

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The Silverlake Enforcers – tough, wild, sexy and badass, until their true mates bring out the softer side they show to no one else… KANE: Never trust your heart. Kane Colton has lived by those words ever since he escaped from a destructive bond that turned him

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They’re total opposites. That doesn’t mean he won’t lay down his life for her. Silas Shanie is ready for action. Now that his medical leave is over, he’s more than capable of being back on the WEST Protection team. His first assignment? Easy. His new

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Spend Christmas binge reading a sizzling a WELL HUNG Rated X-mas collection! Escape into 406 pages of Christmas romance featuring powerful billionaires, red hot Marines, naughty bosses and dirty-talking angels! This collection of over-the-top, insta-love galore and a whole lot of naughtiness includes: Jingle Spells,

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A woman on the run from her stalker lands in a Christmas wonderland with the only man who can save her. As the lead dog handler for an elite search and rescue group in the Alaskan mountains, Hunt Cason knows stress. And he’s ready for

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