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A baby? Impossible. I moved to the mountains to start a new, quiet life. Danger followed me. Aiden is my protector. A gruff ex-Marine who saved my life When the men who killed my father came for me. Sparks between us turned to a hot

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Trish is a writer that’s suffered some setbacks in her personal life. Will is a nerd who gave up a silver spoon to make his own way. She is friendly, charming, and fun. He is an introvert, awkward and focused on work. Both are keeping

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I don’t know how I managed to find my soulmate on the stage of a Las Vegas burlesque show, but I’ve learned to never question fate. The second I saw her and her ruffled red fan I knew she was it. The One. Not because

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This former all-star never knew Christmas could be so competitive. Former baseball star Trey Prentice is happily adjusting to life as a bookstore owner in his hometown of Sweet Ridge, Texas. While he loved his competitive and elite lifestyle in New York, he craved a

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