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I know when she’s sleeping. And I know when she’s awake. The moment I saw her, I became obsessed. And the naughty letters she sent to the North Pole made me fall in love. For years, I’ve tracked her every move. Watching over her, protecting

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When Danny Holland spotted Delia Parker on campus, he became obsessed. For two years, he warned all other guys away from the beautiful student while he focused on getting into his dream law school. The time has finally come for Danny to claim his woman

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Rules are meant to be broken. But can a secret romance between this pro football player and a single mother lead to love? Emmitt Booker wears his playboy badge with pride. And thanks to his boys, he returns to Houston as head coach for a

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Did you make his list? Nick Kringle is one of the most inventive designers of adult toys. He’s also a demanding taskmaster and wants to work through the holidays to have his newest creation ready to hit the store shelves. It’s just his luck when

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