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I have a confession to make: I have hated all things tinsel-related for years. Yeah, I know, most people have a right to hate things, but I don’t. I’m Nick Kristoff, CEO of the biggest department store chain that specializes in the holidays. Hating a

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Trinity was just trying to get to Temecula to see her cousin and start her new life. What she didn’t do was plan accordingly, and ran out of gas in the middle of the desert on her way. When an insanely hot biker takes pity

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One little drink. One little party night with the girls. One huge, nameless mystery man and a heart-flipping makeout session. Until we were separated. Monday morning, I strolled into my new job… And there he was. Eric Wentworth. I’d only met him twice – once

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Alpha born, I was meant to rule … But Fate has other plans for me. Heir to the Shadow Walker pack and my father’s only child, I was born to lead … or so I thought. I’ve spent my whole life preparing for a future I thought

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