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The members of the Silver Saints MC are ready to claim their women. This collection includes the fourth, fifth, and sixth stories in the Silver Saints MC series, plus 3 brand-new epilogues. Hack: Barrett “Hack” Moore has been obsessed with Paisley Wessex for six long

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Her life might be in his hands, but he’ll never get another shot at her heart… Retired NAVY SEAL Oswald Morgon’s team means the world to him. But his heart has always belonged to the woman he left behind eighteen years ago. So, when she’s in danger, he’ll do whatever it

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Bri Several years ago, Mack and I shared a kiss. He’s acted like he barely knows me ever since. Now I’m on tour with Pushing Daisies thanks to my best friend Daisy and there’s nowhere for Mack to hide. I’m here and I’m ready to

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When all the ladies want you… A chance meeting over a flat tyre late one night throws Lori and Fish together. She’s keen to get to know him, but he’s just sworn off all women. When their paths cross a month later, she’s convinced it’s

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