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Phoebe Pike is the mastermind behind the wildly successful Man of the Month Club matchmaking application. She has spent an entire year pairing other couples and helping them find true love. When it’s finally her turn, will she have the strength to tell the truth?

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My fumbled handshake became a hug, then my heart stopped. Dad’s money guy was the hottest man I would ever meet. The connection was instant. Reed’s powerful energy set my soul on fire. We both knew that starting a relationship while hiding it from the

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Before the laughs, loves, and happily ever afters, there was the bet… The bet was simple. The last of Henry Davenport’s six billionaire friends to marry wins the half billion dollars, and the all-important bragging rights. But who knew losing could be so sweet? Now

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Spend Christmas binge reading a sizzling a WELL HUNG Rated X-mas collection! Escape into 406 pages of Christmas romance featuring powerful billionaires, red hot Marines, naughty bosses and dirty-talking angels! This collection of over-the-top, insta-love galore and a whole lot of naughtiness includes: Jingle Spells,

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A steamy friends-to-lovers romance that’s full of heat, heart and a sob-worthy happily ever after.   Lexi: They say you should dress for the job you want.  Apparently, ripped jeans and a rock t-shirt is the outfit of choice to land the role of a

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A callous killer. A young woman in danger. The only thing standing between them is a resourceful curator. Join Alice Haydon on board her barge Daisy Dawn in the fictional town of Great Wheaton, as she seeks to uncover secrets that some would prefer remained

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