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Ridley: I might live in a mansion in South Florida, but my daddy was a biker, and I was definitely Daddy’s girl. When I found out my mom and stepdad had something horrible planned for me, I ran. Straight to the Dixie Reapers, the only place I’d ever thought of as home, but it wasn’t my daddy’s arms I ended up in. Venom is dark and seductive, the type of man who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Despite his hard exterior, being with him makes me feel safe, and his kisses make me ache for so much more. I’ve never been with a man before, but even as inexperienced as I am, I know that being with Venom will ruin me for anyone else, and I don’t care. I want him — all of him — and damn the consequences. Venom: I hadn’t risen to the rank of VP of the Dixie Reapers MC without getting my hands dirty. I’d been deep in blood and dirty money for over twenty years, could have any pussy I wanted whenever I wanted and how the fuck ever I wanted. But when an angel I hadn’t seen in fourteen years came back into my life, all it took was one look in her eyes, and I was a goner. As a kid, Ridley had been this little blonde cherub who lit up the place. Now she’s older, has curves in all the right fucking places, and damn if I don’t want her. The fact she was the nineteen-year-old daughter of a patched member meant I needed to keep my hands to myself, and I might have, if she hadn’t begged me so sweetly. Now she’s mine, and I’ll do anything to keep her safe, even if it means starting a war.

Max Katz is the sexy real estate agent who just met his match with crazy… I have a strict rule about dating clients—I don’t. It’s the reason I pride myself as the local real estate guru in Sage Creek, Colorado, and I plan to keep it that way. It’s also a reason why I stick to asking for the number of the beauty I meet at the local bar Matchbox—because said beauty isn’t my client. Until she is. Harper Ives enjoys making my job difficult. The free-spirited new local teacher is every fantasy come true, including the one about the kindergarten teacher ready to school me. Yeah… I may need to consider an amendment to my rules. Love at first sight is an understatement. But when you fall hard and fast, then something is bound to go wrong. Especially in this town…

“He kneeled down and his eyes, the color of the sea caught in a storm, met mine. For some reason, the fact that rabbits’ hearts can stop from fear alone popped into my head—literally being scared to death” My plan to save my family’s business didn’t include getting kidnapped by a crew of mutineers. Or ending up beaten and chained in the hull of a ship. The man who “rescues” me is equally evil and full of contradictions. Fearsome but handsome. Deadly but respected. He locks me in a cell but claims it’s for my own good. His hands are covered in blood… but tender in touch. If this pirate captain doesn’t stop my heart, he may just steal it.

Jared “Mac” MacKenzie is used to making tough decisions as the President of the Silver Saints MC. When a member of a rival MC puts one of his brothers in a coma, he’ll do whatever it takes to get answers—including kidnapping Bridget Pierce, their president’s daughter.

Can a kiss under the mistletoe be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Firefighter and paramedic Spencer McBride has never been tempted to change his happy-go-lucky bachelor status – until he literally runs into cute newcomer Georgie under the mistletoe. Wounded after giving her heart to a man who wouldn’t commit, paramedic Georgie Durant has come to Last Stand, Texas, for a fresh start. Though tempted by the handsome Spencer, she’s too leery of his easy charm and the pitfalls of a workplace relationship to risk one with him. But as they spend more time together amid the Christmas gaiety and Georgie sees Spencer’s dedication and devotion to the people he helps, she begins to wonder if this beguiling co-worker could be different. Spencer has always been a man who knows what he wants – and he wants Georgie. But when the man from her past comes to town, determined to win her back, can Spencer convince Georgie to take another chance – with him?

Bridgette Harmon is exiled to a small town in New Hampshire to run the Lovely Lucy Lodge before the Christmas Festival. With a new chain hotel coming to town, she knows Baden can’t support two lodgings. Bridgette has the skills to update the lodge, but the one thing she didn’t factor in is the whole town playing matchmaker with the handsome Bryce, a dark-haired mystery who came back to his hometown to manage the hotel while facing his past and finding his future. Since the only thing Bridgette and Bryce have in common is that they can’t stand each other, hearts versus business clash in this delightful Christmas love story.

Destined To Become The Alpha. For ten years Savannah’s father groomed her to take over in the event something happened to him. She never expected it to happen so soon. She thought she would have more time, or would have at least graduate from college first. Instead, life threw the Phoenix Pack a curve ball. Her father was murdered, and her mother with him. Suddenly, she was responsible for her twin sisters, and everyone else. This newfound responsibility forces her to make some tough decisions. If everyone in the pack has their way, one of those decisions will involve her finding a mate. Finding A Mate? It’s Harder Than It Sounds. They should’ve given her an easier task, like brokering world peace or curing cancer. After all, what male would ever volunteer for this, having a mate who’s also his Alpha, leaving his pack to join hers, and giving up everything he has ever known?

Lucas is a Kodiak Bear shifter, and the last member of Riley’s Pride left without a mate. He spent the majority of his life thinking he didn’t want one. But then he watched all his family and friends finding and claiming theirs, starting families and basking in the love and peace having a mate can provide. He thought for a while that he might be able to claim Libby, but she ultimately belonged to another. When she was claimed, he went back to being alone — and he didn’t like it. Luckily for him, his true mate had already found him. Now if she’d just make herself known instead of stalking him, he could make her his and they could start their lives together. Anahla is Djinn by birth, Efreet to be exact, complete with flames flowing through her blood — oh, and Dragon, too. But since the Efreet and Dragons intentionally avoid one another, she’s basically an anomaly. Neither side wants her, but neither side is brave enough to extinguish her, either. Fleeing from her Djinn family, she happens to stumble across her deepest desire – her mate. A mate means belonging, home, safety, and most of all acceptance. Though instead of making herself known, she remains in the background, keeping to the shadows as she watches him, stalking him. Of course she wants him, he’s her mate. But the fact that she believes he already has kids and a female is enough to make her rethink her position. Besides, with the personal struggle and (Read full blurb on Amazon)

I was ordered to take Zoey as my bride. But fact is, I wanted to bind her to me in all ways. Now she’s slapped divorce papers in front of me and told me to get out. Except she’s in trouble, and it’s a given that I’ll protect what’s mine. Even if she doesn’t want me to. What I discover is a depth to my wife that I never imagined, and now I can’t sign those papers or let her go. Until I find out she’s betrayed me. The blackest hearts still beat…and mine drums with revenge against the people trying to end my family’s reign. And my disobedient wife will find out what my brand of punishment really is. She’s about to learn another truth about me—I always get what I want, and right now, that’s her. A bride in more trouble than she can handle…and the man who can show her just how far he is willing to go for her. Lord help her, she wants to give up all the control to him too.

I fought my way out of Hell, but that’s not my hardest task. It’s winning the heart of a stubborn reaper. He doesn’t need anybody. He doesn’t want anybody. He wants to be left alone. He’s a wounded hero on the path of destruction. He’s told me to get lost, but I’m not going anywhere. An archangel has accused him of serious crimes at Soul Academy and has set a bounty on his head. I’m the only one who can heal my reaper’s broken heart, but I need a team to save him from his enemies. The lines have been drawn. Bring it on. I’m ready to fight for my mate. Come rally behind me in helping my dark and broody reaper realize he’s worthy of love.

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