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Life is good now that I’ve landed my dream job in my home town. Gone are the wild days from my past and I’m ready to prove myself. I vow to make a difference in the community that once rejected me. When I meet Brady, I find a part of me that’s been missing. My body comes alive and I have feelings I’ve never experienced before. He’s kind, sexy and someone I can’t get out of my mind. Throw in the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend and my family adores him, and he’d be the perfect guy. But he doesn’t know about my past. He doesn’t know about the part of me I wish I could erase. He doesn’t know that I’m just not worthy of love.

Mia, she’s that feisty, fun-loving, get you in trouble kind of girl. She wants to consume life, not flow through it. But there comes a time when she can barely survive life, much less live it. Ben, besides being off the charts gorgeous, with caramel brown eyes, and his carved from the military body, he’s also Mensa smart, disciplined, brave, and above all, loyal. These qualities came naturally to him, long before he entered the Air Force. Their two worlds collide while on leave from Afghanistan, thanks to their two best friends. With an instant attraction and witty banter, they seem to be the perfect opposites attract cliché. But they’re left with a long distance relationship which seems to be going well, until it isn’t. She breaks his heart without reason. At least she doesn’t give him one, it’s simply over and Mia doesn’t respond to a single text, call, or email. A year later, Ben has one chance to win her back, at their best friend’s wedding. He’s waited so long to see her again, anxiously waiting, their eyes meet. She’s still as beautiful as ever but her eyes are vacant, she’s a shell of her former self. Throughout the wedding weekend, he realizes he isn’t the reason she broke his heart. Her heart is broken too, but why? After two tours of duty, Ben still has one mission to complete: Find out why Mia is broken, help her heal and win her back.

Dear Step-Santa, The last thing I wanted for Christmas was a shockingly gorgeous new stepbrother. And I certainly didn’t want to play elf to your Santa at my mother’s charity event or sneak off to kiss you under the mistletoe. Ok, maybe I wanted that at the time, but it can’t happen again. It’s too naughty. Is it bad I can’t stop fantasizing about all the ways you can deck my halls so I can fa la la la la all night long? It is, I know. I can’t control myself. What I really want for Christmas is to stop craving you all the time. I’ll need a Christmas miracle. Signed, Winter

‘Twas six days before Christmas and all through Holly Valley… Things had become downright strange. A new toy factory had appeared, Mom was a dancing machine, and my younger brother Jacob suddenly had a girlfriend. Jealousy was not the right shade of festive green, but I didn’t think lightning would strike twice in one year. Then Robin appeared, and the whole world changed. She was clever, sexy, and the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. From the moment she threaded her fingers through mine, I knew she was the one. When someone who claimed to have a hold on her appeared, I’d have to prove that I was the man to step up and fight for my beauty. We belonged together. No matter what.

Another holiday filled with nothing but mayhem. Although this year, I find myself thankful for more than I could’ve ever imagined… Thanksgiving at Uncle Jimmy’s house is always a classic, known for nothing but delicious food and cheerful music; smiles all around. A time and place I end up looking forward to as a means of escaping the struggles of home life—long story short… But this year, when my uncle extends an invite out to a long-time friend of his, I’m unprepared for what’s ahead… Coming to find the stunningly handsome man standing tall in a fine leather jacket; his dark hair popping with salt and pepper streaks, looking incredible on the guy. He possesses the iciest set of blue eyes I’ve ever seen, bringing him to almost look inhuman—like some sort of Greek God down here on Earth. An uncanny feel begins to wash over as he approaches—my heart losing control, my breaths ceasing to exist. This burning ache coming to life at my navel, traveling its way down to between my legs while making me about ready to faint. By the time we’re in our seats and ready to give our thanks this year, I’m finding myself wanting to give them for someone new…now finding myself thankful…for Daddy.

Anything can happen in a battle for love …even a kidnapping. Miss Fanny Fairbanks lost her love in the war, and currently goes through life carefully, lest the ton discovers their love child. The last thing she expected was to encounter a gentleman that looked exactly like her lost love, Simon Gracely, at a ball! She is certain that it is he. Worse this gentleman acts as if he does not know her. Determined to uncover what is happening, Fanny hatches a daring kidnapping plan which sees her secreted away with the new Viscount Havisham at a cottage for several nights. She hopes to restore his memory and their love…or the courage to tell him goodbye.

Hadenmouth is a special place, every year a colourful fair visits but they never know the date to expect it in advance. Megan Sinclair, an artist has never visited the fair although she lives close by. She meets her former schoolgirl crush Stephen Lewis in Hadenmouth, yet he is much changed. He ran away with the fair and the fairies when he was fifteen and he wants her to come with him into the fae. Megan is infatuated with the new Stephen but frightened by the idea of becoming a fairy. She refuses to go with him, finding he has left her pregnant with twins. Angry at his behaviour, she decides to prepare to marry Stephen and leave when the fair next visits. But she reckons without meeting a powerful djinn. Now her heart is split as her feelings for both males complicate her decisions.

This Hockey Star Treated my Heart like a Puck. I thought my dreams had come true when Rudy Marsh came back home and hired me to train him. I was a new trainer and now I had one of the hottest stars in the business. He would be the catalyst for my success. All I had to do was treat him well. But God he didn’t make it easy. From the moment we met, he tortured me, tormented me, and pushed me to my limits. And then it happened. He made me do something I never thought would happen. He pushed me too far but I realized I liked it. I’ve never been with a man and now I can’t stop thinking of him. Is this a part of his evil game? I can’t be with him though he’s my client. Or can I? Training a Hockey Star is a standalone Gay Romance with a HEA and NO cheating!

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