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What’s the difference between Prince Nicholas and a prize winning cucumber? One is long, hard and mostly organic, the other’s a vegetable. I’m Rose Danning, reporting from Channel 11, and if I have to cover one more amateur chicken show, or oversized garden discovery, I’m going to scream. Give me something juicy! I’ll take anything, even if it’s a spoiled rotten prince with eight-pack abs soaking up the California sun. Do I want to spend my career doing celebrity gossip? Of course not! Unlike him, I want to make a difference in the world, but covering his trip could be my big break. There’s got to be something deeper to this guy than bottomless pockets, amazing hair and a sinfully tempting smile. All I have to do is stay professional, keep my eye on his—I mean the ball and it’ll be fine. After all, it’s not like he’s going to whisk me off my feet and make me fall in love with him. That would be an entirely different story.

Three nights before Christmas, and all Megan Campbell needs to do is to pick up a Christmas tree. Never mind she’s a city girl who has never bought a real live tree. The biggest and best tree in the lot should make her mom and her new stepdad happy–and forget how she’s neglected to visit them in their tiny town of Crystal Cove. Three nights before Christmas, and all Nick Bennington needs to do is to pick up a Christmas tree. The one saved for him that he should have picked up weeks ago for the charity event at the historic mayor’s mansion on Christmas Eve. The task his mother, Mayor Bennington herself, entrusted him with. Now the biggest and best tree in the lot is gone. After a slip off the icy roads sends Megan, her car, and her prized tree into the ditch a rescuer in the form of Nick Bennington quickly arrives. A rescuer with ulterior motives, Meghan discovers, as he angles to take the pesky tree off her hands. Falling for the country boy is not part of her holiday plans. But for Nick, stumbling upon this city girl might be just the wake-up call he needs.

Every shifter needs a mate, but spirit shifters need four. Raised by human traffickers, I learned from an early age that the one person I can trust is myself.  Rescued and brought to Thornbriar Academy, I’ve only traded one kind of imprisonment for another. When a scorching hot jaguar shifter and a scandalously hunky water shifter take me in, I start to believe I’ve found a home and a pack. Until I discover a devastating secret that just might get me- and them- killed. Found is the first book in this reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect a tough as nails innocent, bullies, shifters, and love in this new adult romance. 


His career is in the penalty box. She’s struggling to save her marriage. Are they about to make the perfect score. Beckett Miller’s hedonistic lifestyle just got iced. After a high-profile fall from grace over a drug scandal, the aging pro hockey superstar finds himself without a team, dropped from endorsements, and completely broke. Desperate to turn his home into cash, the league’s bad boy is forced to work with a real estate agent with a megawatt smile… and who he’d just made a spectacular fool of himself with. Paige Anderson’s sales success hasn’t translated to relationships. With a cheating husband plunging her into divorce, the last thing she desires is to have a scandal-plagued playboy athlete as a client. But the high commission she’ll get from the sale seems worth it… especially when he unexpectedly becomes a shoulder to cry on. Surprised when he develops feelings for the beautiful realtor, Beckett decides it’s time to clean up his act and plan for the future. And though Paige can’t stop thinking about the troubled all-star, she worries he’ll betray her like her soon-to-be-ex. Can this damaged duo put aside their fears and take a slapshot at love?

I’m a figure skater with a skilled, handsome partner. But it’s not him I want… it’s our coach. Dancing on ice with my best friend is a dream. But while my partner sometimes stares at me too long, I’m gazing up at the stands. Coach McKay is stern. He rules over the rink with a glittering scowl, arms folded over his muscled chest. I want him. I want to please him. Impress him. I want Coach McKay twisted in knots over me. Am I going crazy here? Or does the coach feel the same way? …Like I’m his. Thin Ice is a short and steamy age gap instalove story, starring a stern coach and his off limits love.

She’s a down-to-earth healthcare worker. He’s an arrogant billionaire. Will their fiery passion lead them down the road to love? Angelique refuses to be anyone’s plaything. After witnessing her friend suffer at the hands of a rich jerk, the hardworking medical student has vowed never to date well-off, entitled men. So when she accidentally smears her lipstick on a deep-pocketed hunk at a party, she gives him a piece of her mind rather than her heart… despite craving to feel his touch. Mega-wealthy businessman Declan McLeod is tired of fending off gold-diggers. And though his instant attraction to a stunning woman sends sparks flying, he’s dismayed to discover she can’t stand him or his affluent kind. Determined to reveal the man behind the money, he devises a ruse to win a chance to prove her wrong. Wary not to overinvest in the handsome high-flyer, Angelique struggles to repress her growing desire in the face of her beliefs. And with their scorching chemistry setting his world on fire, Declan will do anything to show he’s worth his weight in gold to the woman of his dreams. Will the couple let their burning desires erupt between the sheets?

Mari has never been a spy before. It’s a lot harder than it looks. After her mother’s abduction, Mari Sandoval breaks into her mom’s research lab in an ill-advised attempt to appease the kidnappers. Fortunately she’s thwarted by two spunky sorority girls who offer her a better way to save her mother—become a spy. But in the fast-paced, spy-girls world—where fabulous new clothes, high-tech gadgets, and flirting for secrets are the norm—Mari’s inexperience could ruin everything! Will she be able to master the art of espionage in time to rescue her mother? Or will her undercover mission doom them both? Spies Never Quit is a cute spy-thriller where the romance is sweet and the suspense is cozy.

When you’re labeled as a Hollywood Playboy, you can’t do anything right. I can’t go out for a simple drink without the press having a field day. And I definitely can’t help my coworker’s wife home when she gets too drunk without the studio threatening my contract. My manager decides to send me across the country to a small beach town. He rents out the whole Sunrise inn since it’s the off-season, and I’m told to stay out of trouble. When a steady relationship seems to be the only way to save my career, can I convince Lin, the curvy bombshell inn owner, that pretending to be my girlfriend will be a great PR move for the inn too? And to make matters worse, a storm washes out the only bridge, leaving us stuck together on the island. Too bad my heart didn’t listen that this was just a fake relationship. With my job in Hollywood and my heart at the Sunrise inn, what the hell am I going to do? This is a Steamy, Fake Relationship, Small Town, Beach Romance. No Cliffhangers. 

Out of the ashes, a new beginning… When his family and most of their kind were destroyed by the Guild, Derek inherited the position of Vampire Lord. Alchemists held the keys to creating portals to other worlds, knowledge they passed down to phoenixes. Their utopian society was crushed when the Guild invaded, intending to unlock the powerful secrets phoenixes possess. Lovers Derek and Avani met the night their city was sacked and after the city succumbed, they were lost to each other. Love will be resurrected in blood and fire… Having lost her memory, Avani became a protégé of the Guild Master, conditioned by magic to believe shifters and vampires were evil. Eventually, she was made Seeker, tasked with finding the Vampire Lord in order to gain access to phoenixes. When Derek finds Avani, he neutralizes the magic that’s kept her from remembering who she is. However, the Templars have almost certainly made a pact with the enemy of all supernatural creatures, in order to gain access to the portals. Only a phoenix can save the world from utter ruin now, but that was precisely the asking price…

At thirty-five and single, I’m tired of the dating game. Tired of men who look at me and say, “You’d be prettier if you shed a few pounds.” There’s only one man I want a future with — my grouchy friends with benefits, Nolan. But he’s adamant about keeping things casual. All that changes when one night we get careless, and those pink lines show up on the pregnancy test months later. Nolan wants to do right by me. He wants to give me what I’ve been searching for, but I’m pretty sure he’s only doing it out of obligation. It’s not like the bearded brewmaster loves me like I love him. Accidentally in Love is a small-town accidental pregnant holiday romance featuring a burly bearded brewmaster and an hopeless romantic high school english teacher.

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