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A poverty-stricken pioneer woman looking for a new beginning, her Native American protector, and their quest for happily-ever-after on his wild, untamed homeland… Desperate to escape a life of poverty, Rose Payne enlists as a ship clerk and sails to the New World. On the way, a shocking conspiracy threatens her hope of joining the first permanent British colony in the Americas. Not knowing who she can trust among her countrymen, the fiery-haired pioneer turns to their only Native passenger for help — a tall, stoic shipmate heading home after a diplomatic tour in London. Though most of the nobility turn up their noses at Chief Manteo’s broken English and foreign ways, Rose quickly finds in him a fiercely protective friend, ally, and admirer. As the web of danger closes around them, she is forced to confront the biggest risk of all — the one this dark and handsome lord of the woods poses to her heart!

Fake marriage in exchange for my house? It’s just business, right? Gayle: When Simon Mackenzie walks back into my life, three years after I left him, I brace myself for trouble. He’s not the type of guy to forgive and forget and now he’s acquired a property that means the world to me. If I want my house back, I have to pretend to be his adoring fiancee, but how long before my heart gets broken, all over again? A second chance romance novella featuring a hot billionaire and the feisty lass determined not to let him have it all his way.

Thirty years of elbow grease and commitment have made Under the Hood one of the busiest garages in town. I live and breathe work since my wife died. My kids encourage me to move on, meet someone new, but they don’t know what I know—soulmates happen once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky. That doesn’t mean my eyes don’t work, and I can’t take mine off my newest customer. The friendly, flirty brunette wants me to do a lot more than fix her car, and God help me, I’m tempted. I’m drawn to her in ways I never expected to experience again. Dove is beautiful and smart, she’s also twenty years younger than me. Her touch is like jumper cables to my heart, but can she repair all the broken parts of me?

“Little by little we crossed the line. And I wasn’t strong enough to stop us…” She’s my everything. Heart, laughter and my best friend. Since we were five years old the girl next door is a constant in my life. I’m not stupid enough to jeopardize the only good thing going on for me, even if her body is the only thing I can think about. When her skin is all I want to taste. It only takes a night to blur the lines, and now I have no idea if I need Maddie Mendoza because she’s my best friend or because I crave something more. Everyone says a man and a woman can’t be best friends without falling into bed. We aren’t here to prove them wrong.

Lucas is a Kodiak Bear shifter, and the last member of Riley’s Pride left without a mate. He spent the majority of his life thinking he didn’t want one. But then he watched all his family and friends finding and claiming theirs, starting families and basking in the love and peace having a mate can provide. He thought for a while that he might be able to claim Libby, but she ultimately belonged to another. When she was claimed, he went back to being alone — and he didn’t like it. Luckily for him, his true mate had already found him. Now if she’d just make herself known instead of stalking him, he could make her his and they could start their lives together. Anahla is Djinn by birth, Efreet to be exact, complete with flames flowing through her blood — oh, and Dragon, too. But since the Efreet and Dragons intentionally avoid one another, she’s basically an anomaly. Neither side wants her, but neither side is brave enough to extinguish her, either. Fleeing from her Djinn family, she happens to stumble across her deepest desire – her mate. A mate means belonging, home, safety, and most of all acceptance. Though instead of making herself known, she remains in the background, keeping to the shadows as she watches him, stalking him. Of course she wants him, he’s her mate. But the fact that she believes he already has kids and a female is enough to make her rethink her position. Besides, with the personal struggle and secrets she carries, he’d likely reject her anyway. Lucas and Anahla have both been longing for their mate. (Read full blurb on Amazon)

When I came back to Sin Valley, the mission was simple—avoid the ex-girlfriend who broke my heart. At all costs. Too bad I just (accidentally) moved in next door to her. And her battery-operated boyfriend(s). Plural. Crap! No matter how hard I try to steer clear of Desiree Grant, fate keeps tossing us together. And, so far? It’s not going too well for me. When our eyes lock across the crowded bar, I get all tongue-tied and make a damn fool of myself. Next, we end up trapped in an elevator alone and my protector instincts switch on at the speed of light. Then, a pink, glittery, vibrating package with her name on it shows up in my mailbox and—poof!— there goes my master plan to resist her. Okay. Change of plans. Now, I’ve got a new mission in mind—reminding my gorgeous ex-girlfriend that her battery-operated playthings could never compare to me. Y’see, the truth is, I never stopped thinking about her. Never stopped wanting her. Never stopped loving her. But things are different now. She’s a single mother with a demanding career and a little boy she’s raising on her own. I’m a former military man, struggling to find my place in the civilian world. The life I’m trying to build is a threat to the life she’s fighting to protect. But I’d go to war for a second chance with the girl who was always supposed to be mine. This time, I’m determined to give her the happy-ever-after she deserves. Now, the only question is, how do I get her to play along? Pfft…And I thought this would be simple.

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