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If your true identity would cause you to lose the woman you love, would you tell her? Zach Brannigan escaped his crime family years ago. Now, as owner of a small town pub, he’s living life with the freedom he once craved. Life is simple, until he’s mistaken for another criminal and tackled. Tackling mountain men is all in a day’s work for this special agent, but this time Jessie Doyle has the wrong perp. While she can’t find the one running from the law, she keeps running into the wrong one and he’s getting under her skin. Zach’s family finds him, and they make it clear they won’t let him go again. This lands him right in the middle of an FBI sting. Led by Jessie. And here he thought it was his charm that led her to his small town. He’s fallen for his Macushla, his darling. But if Jessie learns who he really is, it’s over. He escaped his family once. Can he do it again?

Demons, vampires, shifters, and clueless humans! Dive into the secret lives of Australia’s paranormals as they search for their happily ever afters in sunny Sydney. Get ready to laugh out loud with the first three books of the feel good Raising Hell Downunder series.

Faking it with the Demon: Torturing the souls of the damned? Not as much fun as it sounds. Zoephus wants out of Hell and makes a deal for the chance to escape. How hard could it be to play the fake girlfriend of a human, anyway? Jilted by his fiancée, Ryan joked that a fake girlfriend would get his well-meaning family off his back. He wasn’t expecting his buddy to grant his wish like a damn genie in a bottle. Oddly polite, amusingly ignorant of the modern world, and dangerously gorgeous, Zoephus isn’t what Ryan expected from a demon. Bound together for fifty days, the lines of real and pretend begin to blur. But when truths and vulnerability are laid bare, hearts could be left shattered. Can a heart moulded in the flaming depths of Hell truly love? (Read full blurb on Amazon)

No strings. No questions. Just one forbidden night of pleasure with my best friend. That’s how it all started. I’m a cold, calculating war-hardened Marine with no business wanting an angel like Shay, but after tasting heaven, what can I say? I’m addicted. She’s sassy, feisty, gorgeous and tells me there’s no room for love in her life. She’s dead wrong and I plan on changing her mind. But before I have a chance our combined pasts reappear in the form of a dark, manipulative drug lord out to seduce his way into Shay’s life, by force if necessary. I won’t let that happen. I’ll fight back the demons of hell to keep her safe because no one threatens what is mine. Once I secure her safety, I’m taking those sweet, delicious curves and claiming the woman I’d give my life for. Tonight, I’m claiming her.

Josie Johnson has a passion for planning weddings, until the day everything goes wrong and her client threatens to personally escort her off the premises. The humiliation of that event makes her question her future as a professional wedding planner. Her mom convinces her to get back in the game by taking on a free client: an old family friend who turns out to be the worst bridezilla Josie has ever encountered. After Brady Alexander’s home burns down, he rents a room from an older couple and learns that the other tenant is the wedding planner for his best friend’s wedding. He’s drawn to her right away, but she’s off limits because he’s the best man. Josie tries to keep a healthy distance from Brady after her friend makes it clear she doesn’t want any relationship drama attached to her wedding. The only problem is, he’s everything she could ever want in a man, and he feels the same way about her. Josie can’t let anything mess up her chance to prove herself as a competent wedding planner, but when she becomes more and more convinced that Brady might be “the one,” she has a decision to make. A decision that could change everything.

Promoter Kayla Barnes just scored her first real job, creating buzz for the Bear Creek Rodeo. Looking to make a name for herself and increase attendance numbers like never before, she talks the star bull rider, Casey Jennings, into being the prize in her biggest contest yet.

One lucky winner gets a date with Casey, but as they work out the details and grow closer Kayla realizes she wants to be the number one contestant.

One sassy woman—Reese Turner
One stubborn man—Jesse Thornton
A Christmas baking competition

1. Throw woman and man together
2. Combine with teasing and taunting
3. Simmer with sexual chemistry
4. Add alcohol to loosen the lips
5. Mix and see what happens

It’s going to be a nutty Christmas

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