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A woman on the run from her stalker lands in a Christmas wonderland with the only man who can save her. As the lead dog handler for an elite search and rescue group in the Alaskan mountains, Hunt Cason knows stress. And he’s ready for a short breather from it all by spending the holiday season in a remote cabin. Being alone on Christmas might sound depressing, except he’s got everything he needs from firewood to his best friend and K-9 partner, German Shepherd Aries. But all too soon his peace is shattered when a half-frozen and beautiful woman knocks on his door. What can he do but help? While running blind into the snowy mountains wasn’t Freya Fuller’s best plan, luck is on her side when she ends up safe and sound with a smoking-hot guy and his loyal dog. She might be withholding secrets about her stalker situation to keep Hunt safely out of it, but she can’t hold anything back from his heated demands in between his plaid flannel sheets. Spending a fairytale Christmas in the arms of a good woman has this confirmed bachelor believing in happily-ever-afters. But when the truth about who Freya’s running from is revealed, there’s no restraining Hunt from doing what he does best—searching and rescuing the only woman he can picture a life with.

The truth doesn’t always set you free… Theo: This isn’t the life I wanted. Being a reporter for my family’s media conglomerate instead of a pro hockey player was never my plan. And yet, here I am with no other prospects. What I do have is anger. The all-consuming, isolating kind. Until I meet Amelia. She calms my mind, soothes my soul, ignites my body. Still … I sometimes wonder if fate brought her here to save me—or break me once and for all. Amelia: All I ever wanted was to be a journalist. Working for an almost tabloid is not ideal. But for now, it’s the best I can do. I won’t lose my integrity, though. I’ll never be a liar. Which makes my new assignment that much harder. To keep my job, I need to use Theo for a story. It helps that my byline doesn’t match the name by which he knows me. Still … I like him. I don’t want to betray him. And worst of all, he makes me want to extend our relationship past my policy of one-night-stands. When the truth is spilled, will Theo and Amelia be able to take a shot at love? Or will their romance end up as nothing more than yesterday’s news?

Josie Johnson has a passion for planning weddings, until the day everything goes wrong and her client threatens to personally escort her off the premises. The humiliation of that event makes her question her future as a professional wedding planner. Her mom convinces her to get back in the game by taking on a free client: an old family friend who turns out to be the worst bridezilla Josie has ever encountered. After Brady Alexander’s home burns down, he rents a room from an older couple and learns that the other tenant is the wedding planner for his best friend’s wedding. He’s drawn to her right away, but she’s off limits because he’s the best man. Josie tries to keep a healthy distance from Brady after her friend makes it clear she doesn’t want any relationship drama attached to her wedding. The only problem is, he’s everything she could ever want in a man, and he feels the same way about her. Josie can’t let anything mess up her chance to prove herself as a competent wedding planner, but when she becomes more and more convinced that Brady might be “the one,” she has a decision to make. A decision that could change everything.

“He kneeled down and his eyes, the color of the sea caught in a storm, met mine. For some reason, the fact that rabbits’ hearts can stop from fear alone popped into my head—literally being scared to death” My plan to save my family’s business didn’t include getting kidnapped by a crew of mutineers. Or ending up beaten and chained in the hull of a ship. The man who “rescues” me is equally evil and full of contradictions. Fearsome but handsome. Deadly but respected. He locks me in a cell but claims it’s for my own good.His hands are covered in blood… but tender in touch. If this pirate captain doesn’t stop my heart, he may just steal it.

When Danny Holland spotted Delia Parker on campus, he became obsessed. For two years, he warned all other guys away from the beautiful student while he focused on getting into his dream law school. The time has finally come for Danny to claim his woman after holiday break. But he tossed his plan out the window when he learned that her sorority sisters ordered a sexy Santa stripper for Delia. The only package she was going to unwrap was his.

Remo: I see death every day, but the night she tried to take her own life shook something deep inside of me. That night I saved a woman I had never met before. But the reality is, she saved me. Not only did I talk her out of jumping off the roof of the club, we connected that night. After four years, now she is my target. I must eliminate her or bear the consequences. Imani: I never forgot that night. I had lost everything with nothing left to cling to. A stranger saved me in more ways than one. I haven’t been able to get the passion we shared out of my mind. Now he’s holding a gun to my head. My savior has become my grim reaper. I don’t mind dying, but unlike that fateful night, I now have someone to live for. My daughter.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to stand up and fight for what is right, even after everyone else has given up. Luthertown Heights isn’t anyone’s idea of paradise. Gangs run the streets, fighting and killing to claim territory, and the other residents struggle just to get by. While most of the population hides behind ragged curtains and chipped concrete walls, one woman dares to venture out into the streets. As an instructor at the local YMCA, she strives to teach the children of this embattled city that there is more to life than violence and hate. The only thing she wants in return is someone, anyone, to call her by her real name. Known only as “White Girl” to her neighbors, she wishes so much to be embraced by the community that she loves. Instead, she finds herself thrust into the middle of a war between two of its most dangerous – and most lethal – gangs. Armed only with her indefatigable optimism and the unexpected protection of a mysterious, Native American gang member known only as Slipknot, she must fight to ensure a better future for her city – and herself. But the closer she grows to a solution – and to Slipknot – the more she has to lose as the city becomes a war zone. Can she find a way to convince her community that Luthertown Heights is worth saving? Or is it useless to believe that she could find love among the squalor?

Melt Me: After hundreds of years on his own, billionaire bachelor Blaise Draco had given up on finding his mate and turned his attention to growing the computer side of the security business. When he arrived at the Silicon Valley Expo, Blaise already expected to fight off unwanted female attention, but meeting the one woman who was immune to his charms had him intrigued. Luckily, she needed his help and he had his in.Ever since her mother’s death, Maggie Wallace had cared for her father, keeping him focused and fed. The whole of her plans revolved around helping her father negotiate a sale for his software program. Instead, some arrogant rich guy came along and dashed their last hope. He was living the fairy tale. She had given up her dreams. Together they might just build a future. Shield Me: One reluctant witch. One lonely dragon. One man intent on settling a thousand year old vendetta. As the head of Draco Security, Mishal was used to working for important clients. This time he’s sent to an event in Asheville, to meet Peri, who he hasn’t seen since she was a child. Now she’s all grown up and needs his help. While working for Draco Investments, Peri discovered the dragons were being killed off. Before she could find the murderer, she was implicated in a crime and battling feelings for Mishal. He’d love to claim her, but first he must shield her from harm and finish a fight started long before any of them were born. 

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