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When Danny Holland spotted Delia Parker on campus, he became obsessed. For two years, he warned all other guys away from the beautiful student while he focused on getting into his dream law school. The time has finally come for Danny to claim his woman after holiday break. But he tossed his plan out the window when he learned that her sorority sisters ordered a sexy Santa stripper for Delia. The only package she was going to unwrap was his.

A billionaire bourbon king needs a bodyguard, but the last thing he wants is me—a woman. My attitude isn’t helping things much either. I’m not putting up with an ounce of this man’s overinflated ego. He was in the right place at the wrong time, having caught a few thieves in the act. Now they’re in jail. And he should be looking over his shoulder. That’s where I come in. This hot pain in my butt thinks he’s God’s gift to the world, but Mr. Big Bad is in for a world of hurt. I’m not interested in gifts. I’m here to do a job, and that’s to keep his assets free from harm. Lucky for me, this isn’t my first rodeo with a sexy rich boy who doesn’t believe in female bodyguards. The bill is paid and I’m stuck to his side. Huff and puff all you like, handsome. This girl is guarding the one thing your family needs to carry on its line. Your smoking hot body.

He’s all work, and she’s been burned…yet sparks fly with his hometown return. These opposites may attract but will they risk it all for love? She’s eager for a fresh start… Krissa Courtland is so done with bad luck. Bye-bye cheating exes and downsizing jobs. Hello fresh start in the Colorado mountains. With fingers crossed, she rolls into Wescott Springs only to get hit with a fresh disaster. Her rental cabin is flattened by a wild storm, and all the hotels and rentals are booked. Enter the surprisingly irresistible Nick Olin. In one fell swoop, he saves the day and now she’s his next door neighbor. No worries. His silky brown curls and teasing smile will not melt her heart. She can keep her life simple. She’s sworn off dating, and she’s not getting tricked into trusting love again, right? His career is on the line… Nick Olin has one goal. Make partner. If it means selling the family’s Wescott Springs Resort to generate the cash, well, so be it. He’s got a buyer all lined up. Sure, his uncle built the resort from scratch, but Nick is ready to cut ties to the past. Well, so much for best laid plans— First, a freak storm trashes the resort’s cabins days before his buyers arrive, and then his ex is calling him out of the blue. To top it all off, the red-headed schoolteacher guilts him into letting her shack up in his guest cottage. Now, Krissa’s sexy curves and bewitching amber eyes have him thinking that a little flirtation wouldn’t hurt. Krissa is all kinds of wrong for him, but he can’t seem to fight his attraction, and he’s starting to forget why he should even try.

Tonight I’m shattering all the rules. I knew better than to fall for my best friend’s little sister, but she’s worth everything to me—even breaking an oath to the man who was the closest thing I had to a brother. Every day is a struggle to remember she’s one hundred percent off-limits and way too young and innocent for a war-hardened Marine Captain like myself. But when I’m around her, I lose all my hard-earned self-control. And when we’re apart, I realize she’s my sole reason for breathing. But she’s done waiting for me. She’s ready to walk away. I won’t let that happen. Not now. Not ever. I’ll burn in hell for breaking that damn promise, but she’s worth it. It’s Christmas Eve and tonight I’m ready to claim the best Christmas present of all. Her.

Saddle bronc rider Luke Reno is taking the PRCA by storm, until he’s thrown off of a horse ending up unconscious. Straight-laced doctor Daisy Blackwell avoids taking unnecessary risks, both in and out of the Bear Creek Community hospital. When Luke regains consciousness in the ER and saves Daisy from an attack by an unstable patient, she finds herself agreeing to dinner but never expects the feelings that follow. When she finds out about Luke’s dangerous occupation her instincts want her to run but her heart has other plans.

Five heart-stopping books with football heroes, swoony rock stars, and tortured artists who might just work their way into your soul. It all started with kids at a lake. And when loss hit, they all had to learn to live again… To find joy… To find redemption… To find love…

MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM ― a boy-next-door, coming-of-age romance. Tomboy Cam’s diary-style coming-of-age story about growing up loving the football god next door. She vowed to love him forever. But when fate comes calling, will she ever find a heart to call home? Warning: Tears may fall.

MY LIFE AS A POP ALBUM ― a road-trip, rock-star romance.Bookworm Mia is trying to put behind years of guilt when soulful musician, Derek Waters, strolls into her life and turns it upside down. Once he’s seen her, Derek can’t walk away unless Mia comes with him. But what will happen when their short time together comes to an end?

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The truth doesn’t always set you free… Theo: This isn’t the life I wanted. Being a reporter for my family’s media conglomerate instead of a pro hockey player was never my plan. And yet, here I am with no other prospects. What I do have is anger. The all-consuming, isolating kind. Until I meet Amelia. She calms my mind, soothes my soul, ignites my body. Still … I sometimes wonder if fate brought her here to save me—or break me once and for all. Amelia: All I ever wanted was to be a journalist. Working for an almost tabloid is not ideal. But for now, it’s the best I can do. I won’t lose my integrity, though. I’ll never be a liar. Which makes my new assignment that much harder. To keep my job, I need to use Theo for a story. It helps that my byline doesn’t match the name by which he knows me. Still … I like him. I don’t want to betray him. And worst of all, he makes me want to extend our relationship past my policy of one-night-stands. When the truth is spilled, will Theo and Amelia be able to take a shot at love? Or will their romance end up as nothing more than yesterday’s news?

Make contact with the hottest alien anthology in the universe! Claimed Among the Stars will rocket you to reading bliss with more action, adventure, and pleasure than one planet can contain. Curl up with this collection of wild and wonderful heavenly bodies and venture to the unknown worlds that only your favorite sci-fi romance authors could create. Hearts in zero gravity are free to fall, and destiny awaits unsuspecting heroines far across the galaxy. Whether you love a trip that’s nice and easy or dark and intense, this collaboration of more than fifty bestselling authors is guaranteed to please. Embrace the heat, the sweet, the dark, and the depraved, and grab your copy of Claimed Among the Stars today! A word of warning:this anthology is only available for a limited time, so grab your copies now before they blast off forever. The proceeds of Claimed Among the Stars will benefit The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation, which serves women and children in the United States and abroad.

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