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Getting left at the altar isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Try getting dumped forty-eight hours after saying I do. Joseph thought he found the love of his life when he was eighteen. When he married her two years later, he was ready to start a long life of happiness with her. But before they got a chance to start a life together, she left after they had their first fight. No goodbye. No chance to make things right. No return date given. She was gone. To make matters worse, they eloped in secret. He couldn’t even turn to his family and friends for support. When Mary Beth returns to their small hometown ten years later, Joseph can’t keep it secret any longer. Angry and hurt by how she left, he announces that they’re married in front of her entire family. Even if it pisses her off—and it does—he wants the world to know they once promised to belong to each other. Now that she’s back, he wants to keep her for good. Mary Beth has gotten good at running. Especially when things get a little tough. At the first sign of trouble, she ran from the one person she loved more than anything—her husband, Joseph. Now, she’s on the run again. Only this time she ran home. After leaving Joseph, she poured everything into her career. She never imagined a small town girl like herself could make it into the big leagues as a French pastry chef. Following this career path hadn’t been her plan, but she excelled at it and advanced quickly. She also hadn’t planned on the level of  (Read full blurb on Amazon)

When they meet by chance through mutual friends, can a nerdy intellectual and former jock move past their own insecurities to turn a weekend fling into lasting love? Self-proclaimed bookworm Jackie Mayerhoffer’s love of romance novels propelled her to write a bestseller, but at the expense of her own relationship. While a staunch champion of happily ever afters for everyone else, she’s pessimistic about her own prospects. Dogged by low self-esteem, she feels even lower being stuck on a long weekend with a group of happy couples. Logan Chance dropped out of college to play soccer professionally in Europe, but his hopes of glory were dashed by a career ending injury. Since his return to the states, he’s struggled to grow a small business and help support his brother with disabilities. Plagued by uncertainty, he agrees to a much-needed weekend away in Malibu with a childhood friend. Over four days of beach play, board games, and shared meals, opposites attract when the lonely author meets the troubled jock. Can they move past their own insecurities to turn a fling or “chance romance” into lasting love? And is it a chance romance after all?

I left her behind. I didn’t have a choice. I thought she was lost to me forever. Now, I have a second chance and I’m not going to hesitate. I’m never letting Shila go again. I’m a man haunted by his past. I’ve seen my brothers find their old ladies, but I knew that would never happen for me. I’m a one woman kind of man and I have only ever loved one woman. Shila. I was forced to leave her in my past, but I’ve never forgotten her. If anything, I’ve just grieved the small taste of forever that I had with her. When I’m sent to another state to help out a brother in the Diamondback MC, I never thought I’d see my past staring back at me. Shila has always owned me body and soul. Now that I see her again, I will stop at nothing until she belongs to me in every way imaginable.

Emily Braden is a leader in architectural preservation, a pillar in her small hometown, and successful in everything she does–with the exception of finding true love. She’s watched several of her brothers fall in love, and she needs this trip to Tuscany to get away from it all and to stop focusing on what she doesn’t have. Dae Bray doesn’t do flings, and he never stays in one place for very long. As a demolitionist, he goes where jobs take him, and the more often he travels, the better. His trip to Tuscany is all work–until he meets smart and sexy Emily, who makes him reconsider his fear of settling down, his no-fling rule–and just about everything else he’s ever believed about himself. Passion sizzles as Dae and Emily explore the history and beauty of Tuscany. Their romance moves beyond tourist attractions to the bedroom, blossoming into a deep connection neither can deny. But their worlds collide when Emily wants to preserve the property that Dae is there to demolish. Can a woman who sees the beauty in preservation and a man whose life is spent tearing things down find a solid foundation for their love?

These brides are willing to do whatever it takes to make a life for themselves on the Western frontier–except fall in love. Welcome to Hope Hollow, where the people are friendly and life is simple…or not. At least not for Melissa, Susannah, Alexandra, and Ariana, who have moved to Oregon quite haphazardly but will find their purpose as well as a love of their own. Book 1 – A Glimmer of Hope: Melissa Eversoll Burgess never wanted to marry her first husband, but keeping the peace in her family seemed worth the cost at the time. Now that both her husband and father are dead—after they were caught up in a string of crimes—she’s ready to start a new life with her mother in a place called Hope Hollow. But when she is introduced to handsome farmer, Garret Pearce, as his soon-to-be bride, she’s reluctant to enter into a marriage agreement with him. How can she ever trust any man with her battered heart again? Book 2 – Hope Springs Eternal: For 36-year-old Susannah Eversoll, starting over after her husband’s suicide, not to mention betrayal, is what she feels the need to do. So she arranges for herself and her grown daughter, Melissa, to become mail-order brides farther west in the town of Hope Hollow, Oregon. But Susannah will be starting over in more ways than she planned. Although he is kind and caring, David didn’t tell her that his children are young and unruly. And when pushed to her breaking point, a freak accident wipes away her memory. (Read full blurb on Amazon)

This Christmas a powerful billionaire has a filthy mind and knows how to use it to get what he wants. I play for keeps and this Christmas I know what I want to unwrap. She’s too young and too innocent. I know she’s off-limits for the likes of me. I’m no better than the devil for thinking I could have such a sweet angel as my own. But I don’t care. I know she’ll taste like heaven and I’m starving. The second her uncle decided to scheme me out of my billion-dollar company with a game of blackmail I knew she would be mine to protect, to love, and to possess. No one can stay innocent forever and tonight I will be the one to make her every dirty Christmas wish come true. Now and forever.

Remo: I see death every day, but the night she tried to take her own life shook something deep inside of me. That night I saved a woman I had never met before. But the reality is, she saved me. Not only did I talk her out of jumping off the roof of the club, we connected that night. After four years, now she is my target. I must eliminate her or bear the consequences. Imani: I never forgot that night. I had lost everything with nothing left to cling to. A stranger saved me in more ways than one. I haven’t been able to get the passion we shared out of my mind. Now he’s holding a gun to my head. My savior has become my grim reaper. I don’t mind dying, but unlike that fateful night, I now have someone to live for. My daughter.

A god obsessed. A captive bride who can’t escape his love. As old as time, born from Nothing, I command the forsaken remnants of all that once lived. Bone shapes the kingdom over which I rule, and the rotting flesh of man does my bidding. Sequestered away from mortals, I long for warmth, but everything I touch is cold. Except for her, the woman who stumbles into the shadowed depths of the Pale Court. In her reluctant embrace, Ada calls me the devil, so I show her pleasure like only the devil can. I am the heat that stirs her flesh. I am the longing that trembles her bone. No matter how she hisses defiance, her body was made to obey my every desire. I am its master, no matter her wish to flee my dark, cold kingdom. Ada will never escape my devotion. Bone will shackle her to me for eternity. Because immortality is loneliness in disguise. A curse I cannot bear suffering alone any longer, so I lock Ada away behind doors guarded by corpses, forcing her to carry it with me forevermore. Welcome to the Pale Court, my Queen.

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