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Billionaire for the Night: During a charity event where hot billionaires have agreed to be auctioned off for a night, Kelly finally gets her chance to be with the man she’s been lusting after… her filthy rich employer James. And tonight, she’s the boss. Billionaire Takes the Bride: Ryan is getting married in a few days. At least that’s what she thinks because Terrance has other plans. A self-made billionaire with a thriving clothing store franchise, Terrance always gets what he wants and he’s about to prove it when he gets Ryan alone in the back of a limo on her wedding day. Billionaire at 36k Feet: Tired of working for her racist airline company and needing something to take her attention off her problems, flight attendant Abby connects with billionaire Lucian during an empty, red-eye flight and learns the new meaning of “flying at 36k feet”. Billionaire’s Sex Trap: After sneaking into Edward’s mansion to get an exclusive story, reporter Elaina gets way more than she bargained for when she and Edward get trapped together in his lounge when his high-tech security system malfunctions.

A collection of short, sweet, and steamy Christmas instalove romances featuring a billionaire, a doctor, and a firefighter finding true love during the holiday season. Christmas Island Love: A tech billionaire and a curvy curator’s status changes from “high school friends” to “it’s complicated” when they make an emergency landing on Christmas Island. Wanted Under the Mistletoe: A new-guy-in-town doctor on a mission. A curvy nurse with a big secret. She holds the answer he’s looking for, but will she give it up easily? Felix: He’s home after years away fighting wildfires. She’s the curvy girl next door all grown up. Will they find true love under the Christmas tree this holiday season? Or will shadows from their past keep them apart?

Isla: I’m paying alimony to my idiot ex-husband, my business hardly makes enough to keep the lights on and I’m literally holding my car together with duct tape. Scratch that, I’m holding my life together with duct tape. So I won’t go on a date with the mysterious, new-in-town barista who makes my morning soy hazelnut latte just the way I like it. He’d better stop trying to hypnotize me with those honey eyes and those bulging shoulders that stretch the jersey of his coffee shop uniform, because I have enough on my plate and the last thing I need is yet another liability. Reuben: The cinnamon-haired yoga chick who orders the soy hazelnut latte every morning won’t give me a shot. She thinks I’m just some college boy with student loans trying to get in her pants. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions… Well, she’s right about one thing. From the moment she first sauntered into this coffee shop with her long legs and her sad eyes, I’ve wanted to toss her onto the polished wooden counter and show her just how much of a man I am. There’s so much more to me than meets the eye. I’m just trying to make her fall for me before my secrets make it to town.

Of all the jobs Heather Harris could have gotten after being laid off, she finds herself working as “Santa’s Helper” at a local department store. And the Santa in question is not at all what she expected. Mason Brookes is arrogant, bossy, and far too young to be playing Santa Claus—even if he’s fantastic with the kids. Heather’s immediately confused as to how this jerk could get away with playing the jolliest man in the world. But little does she know that there’s far more to Mason than meets the eye… As the holidays draw closer, and the magic of the season takes effect, Heather realizes that she’s falling for Mason…and he might just feel the same way. Will Heather be able to get through Mason’s icy exterior? Or will she be left in the cold by her Santa crush?

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