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Will this runaway bride thaw the frozen heart of the grumpy mountain man? Maggie: Walking away from my wedding and driving into a snowstorm wasn’t my best idea. But I was too flustered to think clearly. Now here I am trapped in a remote cabin in the middle of a snowstorm. With a grumpy mountain man who seems to hate me. Too bad his every touch ignites my senses. Crew: Maggie is beautiful with curves for days. She’s the first woman I’ve noticed in months. But she’s a runaway bride. And I’ve already been left at the altar once. I’m not about to go down this road a second time. No matter how bright the chemistry between us burns.

Victor. No last name. Totally mysterious. He doesn’t talk. He’s insanely hot. And now… I’m supposed to be spending every Thursday with him??? When my dad asked me to tutor the son of an important business associate, I thought I was agreeing to teach a little kid. Victor’s definitely not a kid. In fact, it’s hard to believe we’re even the same age. He’s way more powerful than any boy I’ve ever met. Also, way more intense. He stares at me in this weird way. It almost feels like obsession. But there’s no way he could be attracted to me like I’m attracted to him. I’m just an overweight nerd with secret dreams I’ve never dared to tell anyone. Until him. I tell him all of my secrets. But will I be able to handle it when I find out all of his?

Having been burned in the past, Leo wasn’t sure he believed in the boom. Not even seeing the happily married Mayson couples had him convinced…until he met Carrie and felt it for himself. Carrie wasn’t looking for love when she crashed into the hot cop, but that’s exactly what she found. Then his past reared its ugly head, and she found a strength she didn’t know she had…until Leo.

A dead body, a dubious admirer, and an explosive conclusion is just another day at the office for Cyn Steele. A body in the driveway of her seaside mansion is the last thing Dr. Cyn Steele expected to find when she returned home from a trip abroad. It’s not the first time she’s seen a dead man, it’s not even the fiftieth. But it is the first time one has been left as a calling card. Is it a warning or a message? She doesn’t know, but the sexy new chief of police is more than interested in helping her figure it out. When Joe Harris accepted the position as chief of police for the small town of Cos Cob, he was expecting jaywalking tickets and the occasional fender bender. He was not expecting body dumps, Somali pirates, or the whirlwind that is Cyn Steele. And while he’d rather forgo the first two, spending time with Cyn is definitely no hardship. Unraveling the message of the body takes a dark twist when Cyn and Joe discover the young man’s ties to some rather unsavory people—people intent on wreaking havoc on the city of Boston just as it celebrates a beloved national holiday. It’s a race against time that takes them from Massachusetts to East Africa and back again. Failure is not an option, even if it costs them their lives.

Abby has been building her career as her alter ego “DJ Pink” since she was in high school. What started out as helping her mom out financially after tragedy hit her family, has become a major passion in her life. Anonymously providing the musical backdrop to big and small events around Chicago. With the help from her two best friends they provide impromptu and probably-not-legal parties on the college campus too. It is after one of these impromptu parties, to celebrate the Christmas holidays, that she meets Alex. A hot lecturer at the who catches her attention immediately. Abby cannot help but to be drawn to his presence, not to mention the sparks between them. Despite one of her friends being totally against the older guy because of campus rumors, Abby has a good feeling about him and doesn’t believe the rumors to be true. Not being able to ignore the growing and steamy attraction between them, Abby decides to see where things lead. Only time will tell.

What’s a girl to do when she’s left orphaned and alone after her father’s unexpected demise? Miss Verity Weston imagined being whisked off to Bath and settling into a quiet life with her aunt, Lady Margaret. However, her father had other ideas. Fearing his sister Margaret, being quite mad and well in her dotage, would set a poor example for Verity, her father did the unthinkable and left her the ward of Viscount Stanbury. Verity was smitten with the viscount as a young girl, but now he was practically a stranger. Viscount Stanbury was a confirmed bachelor who lived his life at leisure until the unthinkable happened. But, as a gentleman, he was only as good as his word and after all, being honorable was not always easy. Suddenly Julian found himself in too deep, and Miss Verity Weston turned his life upside down. He either wanted to wring the chit’s neck or kiss her senseless—depending on the moment. Verity’s exquisite beauty should make settling her with a respectable husband easy, even with a meager dowry. Yet nothing was simple with Verity or her maddening aunt, the eccentric Lady Margaret.

Can two lost causes find love in the arms of one another? Lily, the peculiar youngest daughter of an earl, would rather spend her life as a spinster, tending to her garden–alone. But when her father falls critically ill, she suddenly faces the possibility of becoming a penniless relation living on the charity of her sisters unless she can find a husband–now. But facing her fifth Season and feeling unable to meet the requirements of a proper wife, Lily despairs of finding a kind and patient man she can trust enough to marry. Henry, the war-wounded second son of an earl, needs to have a son to secure his family’s future. But worried about his condition worsening and leaving him crippled, he fears turning any future wife into a mere companion and nursemaid. Both are unable to resist the pressure from their families to attend the Season and at least try to find a spouse. Can these two lost causes see past their own limitations and let love in?

Meet me under the mistletoe… In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anything can happen through the magic of Christmas—and love. A full list of participating authors is available on Amazon.

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