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A hot Scot and an American lass pair up when the past comes back to haunt them. Kat Ryder sets off for London, ready for the adventure of a lifetime before starting college. The very first day, she meets the gorgeous guy she’s been dreaming about forever—literally the man of her dreams—and he’s nothing like she’d imagined. When Kat and her dream man are falsely accused of a crime, they’re forced to go on the run together. And that’s when the real adventure begins in a race for their lives as dreams and destiny collide.

I’m Elle. Broken-hearted and just another plain, ordinary girl with her feet firmly on the ground. But secretly I burn inside and out to be the woman between them. It wasn’t always like that. I left them two years ago out of fear of how I felt toward two men. Now that I have a second chance, I hope I find the courage to shed my inhibitions. Jace and Cade are my darkest secrets, my deepest desires. As pro football players who personify the perfect balance of rugged masculinity with gorgeous good looks, they could have their pick of women. But they chose me. They are built for sin with hard bodies chiseled into perfection from years on the field and willing to teach me their wicked ways. I’ve never been lust-drunk before, but they’ve stolen all my good sense. But lust and love are worlds apart. Right? Can I find my happily-ever-after with my ex-boyfriend and his best friend or are they playing me and are only in it for another touchdown?

One vampire queen. Four jaguar Blood sworn to protect her. Now all she needs… is the Aztec jaguar god to sire her heir. Mayte has spent the last century increasing her power as queen of House Zaniyah by calling more Blood to her side. She loves her jaguar protectors, but even her alpha hasn’t been able to give her a child. Without a daughter to continue the queendom, their line—and the Zaniyah power—will die out. She needs a god to sire her daughter, and for a queen who calls jaguars as Blood… only one god will do. Tepeyollotl is rumored to sleep in mythical Aztlán. Desperate for a daughter, she sets out to find the legendary origin site of the mighty Aztec people. Though she has no idea how she’ll bend the formidable god to her will.

They never thought they’d get a second chance at first love. They were wrong. Ten years ago, pop idol Izzie Anderson betrayed Tristan. Childhood friend, boyfriend and lyricist, he was the best thing that ever happened to her. He gave her haven amid a wild lifestyle she didn’t have the tools to resist. Still, her lies destroyed him. Yet she lied to protect him. Now she needs Tristan to save her son. Tristan Knight shifted careers and mended his life in a secluded beach in Brazil. The only place Izzie’s stardom didn’t haunt him. Opening a new restaurant kept his mind from the headlines detailing her descent into the dark side of fame. Now she waltzes back into his life willing to make amends. Too bad for her, she left him heartless. Can two damaged souls get a second chance? Or are there wrongs that can never be righted?

Imagine if you gather a bunch of misfits: The ring leader is a single mother by choice with money problems and a sailor mouth. Then comes her teen daughter who knew the words of Pour Some Sugar on Me by the age of three. Add two idiots of best friends. And to top it off? The hottest actor in Hollywood. It’s not easy to be Ellis Montgomery. She’s the juggler of bills extraordinaire, the best mother of London P and a jack of all trades. The days are long and the curses are many. Ellis and Emmet are the perfect disaster, an unconventional romance between two people who met in the most unlikely circumstances. Of course Ellis is struggling with life, but guess what? She’s an eternal optimist and a grade A bullshitter.

Secrets don’t belong in the office—or the bedroom. Alex Brannigan walked up to Cailin on the dance floor like he owned the place. Owned her. And for a few perfect hours, he controlled her like he did everything else in his life—completely. Giving her pleasure. Saturating her with his need. Then she woke to an empty bed. Alex was a one-night stand she didn’t think she could forget, but still, just a one-night stand. No big deal, right? She was still telling herself that Monday morning when she walked into her new office and there, behind the desk, was the one man she thought she’d never see again. Too bad the fact that he’s her new boss isn’t the only reason he’s unavailable.

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