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These alpha athletes always score. Three stand-alone sports romances set at Stone Creek University that will melt your heart and curl your toes.

Deep In The Pocket: What happens when research partners discover more than they bargained for? Serena Sanders is determined to put her past behind her. She’s done with football and most importantly, with football players. She’s got her sights set on graduate school…and maybe her sexy professor can help her get there. All her plans come crashing down as Talon “The Claw” Kelly stumbles into her class. The quarterback for SCU is cocky and more interested in Serena’s assets than he is in working on their group project…until he finds out she’s still got her v-card, that is. Will Serena overcome her growing feelings for this unexpected ally? Will Talon outgrow his partyboy ways and get serious before graduation?

Hard Edge: He’s a hockey star with a GPA problem. She *needs* to keep her tutoring job. What happens if their spark burns the rulebook? Neal Sweeney is the campus golden boy. He works hard and lives hard, but when his grades threaten his ability to play forward for SCU, the math department sets him up with a tutor. Studious, serious, and totally off limits, Dahlia Wardzinski steps into the study lounge and Neal is ready to learn whatever she’s teaching. The only problem? (Read full blurb on Amazon)

The Doherty Mafia is led by six brothers you don’t want to f*ck with. Especially when it comes to the women they love. Authors Kasey Krane and Savannah Rylan bring you this hot AF six book set of interconnected Irish Mafia Romances. Featuring: Killian, Aidan, Colin, Brendan, Tristian, and Nolan.

If these two doctors can agree on anything—especially on adopting triplets—it’s sure to be a Christmas miracle! As director of Safe Harbor Medical Center, Dr. Mark Rayburn faces a troublemaker in chief: fiery pediatrician Samantha Forrest. Not only does she quarrel with corporate policies, she takes her case to the press. But her flare for publicity blows up in her face when Samantha runs into trouble with her newly adopted triplets. She needs Mark’s help, and although he considers himself unsuited to fatherhood, he can’t resist her or those adorable babies. Just when this prickly couple starts finding the holiday spirit together, Samantha leaks a controversial secret about the hospital’s future plans. Mark yearns to stand by her and the babies, but how can he put both his career and his love for the hospital at risk?

I should have known better than to want Finn Wheatley. Two years after his wife’s death, Australian Billionaire Finn Wheatley finds himself catching me as I literally fall from his desk into his arms. The stuff of fairytales, no? No. Because he’s a widower and so not ready to move on. Only I don’t know that. I just get the hot for Veronica one moment, let’s just be friends the next rollercoaster from Finn. And it is one angsty, up and down ride. He’s driving me mad. All while making me fall in love with him. But it’s all okay! He wrote me a letter saying we should just be friends. And everyone knows there’s nothing easier than being friends with a man… Especially your boss, who you can’t stop having naughty daydreams about. When he’s grazing the back of your neck with his fingers. Then running off without an explanation. It’s a great idea. What could go wrong?

Wanting it all can cost you everything. Against all odds, Nicholas Alexander finally has everything he wants—the woman he loves as his wife and their perfect, healthy son. Catherine Reed, now Alexander, is blissfully happy married to her childhood crush and caring for their beautiful baby boy, Jace, who’s as stubborn and strong-willed as his father. It’s all she ever dreamed of, but one thing is missing: her family. Determined to heal from the past and give Jace the extended family she feels he deserves, Cat works hard to reconcile with her relatives, spending time getting reacquainted and mending fences. But Nicholas can’t just forgive and forget what her family almost cost them. He wants Cat and Jace to be safe and he wants to keep them to himself. He also yearns for another child, but Cat’s focus is elsewhere. A storm is brewing between them. Will they be able to weather it together or will Cat’s desire to have it all cost them what they already have?

A woman on the run from her stalker lands in a Christmas wonderland with the only man who can save her. As the lead dog handler for an elite search and rescue group in the Alaskan mountains, Hunt Cason knows stress. And he’s ready for a short breather from it all by spending the holiday season in a remote cabin. Being alone on Christmas might sound depressing, except he’s got everything he needs from firewood to his best friend and K-9 partner, German Shepherd Aries. But all too soon his peace is shattered when a half-frozen and beautiful woman knocks on his door. What can he do but help? While running blind into the snowy mountains wasn’t Freya Fuller’s best plan, luck is on her side when she ends up safe and sound with a smoking-hot guy and his loyal dog. She might be withholding secrets about her stalker situation to keep Hunt safely out of it, but she can’t hold anything back from his heated demands in between his plaid flannel sheets. Spending a fairytale Christmas in the arms of a good woman has this confirmed bachelor believing in happily-ever-afters. But when the truth about who Freya’s running from is revealed, there’s no restraining Hunt from doing what he does best—searching and rescuing the only woman he can picture a life with.

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