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A record-breaking blizzard is on the way to Winter Falls…and close quarters sometimes make for strange bedfellows. Led by their mayor, the citizens of Winter Falls rally together to keep everyone safe during the storm. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan, but cuddling next to the fire and kissing under the mistletoe leads to a whole lot of romance for these nine couples. Spend this holiday season with nine of your favorite romance authors as they introduce you to a ski town where love is in the air. This collection includes all new stories that are hot enough to melt all the snow headed for Winter Falls.

Take a deep breath and inhale… Finding the love of your life isn’t always easy. But for Fia and Tyler, they found each other in college. Their dreams are big, and they waste no time in making those dreams a reality. They want to open their own travel agency. This is where Wanderlust is born. They decide to travel the world for three months, get the lay of the land. Tyler couldn’t be happier. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted. But Fia is hiding something. She has secrets she doesn’t want Tyler to know about. Unfortunately, her past is about to catch up to her. Their trip of a lifetime leaves their lives hanging in the balance…

My stepbrother hates me. That’s fine, because I hate him too. I hate his crooked smile and the way he looks at me, like he’s a sugar addict and I’m the last cupcake on earth. I hate that he makes me feel like I’m more than that lost little girl whose mom didn’t want her, then leaves and doesn’t come home again for days. And I really, really hate that he flirts with other girls. A lot of other girls. But it’s fine. Really, it is. Soon, he’ll be leaving to attend university on the other side of the world, and I’ll only have to see him on holidays and at the rare family get-together. It’ll all be just fine. As long as I don’t fall in love with him.

What do three scorching hot Navy SEALs have in common? Me and they’re not stopping until I give them everything they crave. You see, I loved them once. And then they pushed me away. Said I was too young. The daughter of the wrong woman and too naive for their darker tastes. The trio of gorgeous men were right. But it broke my heart when they turned me away. Because of them I’m different now. Stronger and little more jaded. Six years is a long time to harden a woman’s heart. I’ve tried the dating apps, double dates and blind dates. All that got me is a relentless stalker and a worried friend who thinks she knows what I need to brighten my holiday spirit. A single night at Club Sin. Should I dare to step into Room One the rules are simple—no inhibitions, no names and the promise of having the wildest night I’ll ever experience. I’m game until my three SEALs walk through my door with an ultimatum and looking like my best worst idea come true. They give me my first everything and in return I give them until Christmas eve alone in the mountains with snow, roaring fires and unlimited amounts of the BIG O. Seems doable. But this time I’ll be the one doing the walking out come Christmas morning.

Pregnant and alone. That’s not how I expected to end up after high school. Jake wants me back. But I don’t want that toxic relationship. We aren’t good together and this baby isn’t the reason we should work things out. Between work and school, I barely have time to figure out what I want to do. That is until I’m paired up with a hot guy in class for a project. He’s slowly working his way into my heart. But, I’m pregnant and trying to adjust to my new life. How can he actually be interested in me? With Jake home from college, he’s doubling his efforts. Especially now that he sees me with Reaf. I have decisions to make…and it’s not just about me anymore.

Their relationship is so fake it comes with costumes… At seventeen, Jasper left Patterson’s Bluff so fast the dust cloud never settled. But when fate brings him back, he’s ready to prove he’s not a bad egg like his criminal father. So, he slaps some reindeer antlers on his Basset Hound and volunteers to be Santa for the festive season. Being her hometown’s official Mrs. Claus was supposed to be fun. Instead, Evie is stuck being “married” to the sexy bad boy she crushed on in high school. The same one who broke her heart when he left town. But she can’t deny their chemistry burns hotter than an open fire. It’ll take a holiday miracle for them not to ruin Christmas. Can the misunderstood bad boy and the town golden girl get a second chance at love? Or will Evie be stuck in Jasper’s rear-view mirror once more?

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