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What’s worse than finding a dead girl in your boss’s office? Becoming suspect number one in her murder. When my impossibly sexy boss, Mr. Nox, steps in and offers to help I’m initially relieved. But his help comes with a caveat. He wants something in return. Oh, and here’s the kicker. He claims he’s Lucifer. The devil. A God of Sin. Things don’t go my way, and I’m forced to accept a deal with the devil. I know what he wants. I can see the burning desire dancing in his piercing blue eyes. He wants me. And the longer I spend in his company, the more I begin to crave his touch, his kiss, his fierce passion. But if I give myself to him, he may never let me go. He claims that he is cursed, and believes I may be his salvation. I’m starting to wonder if he could be mine.

Jack: The sooner I get out of Eden, Pennsylvania, the better. It’s like Christmas exploded here in the small town, way too merry for me. I’m a disfigured war vet who prefers to keep a low profile and my own company, and I’d like to keep it that way. My work contract has me in Eden for a month. My plan is to get out of here before Christmas, to leave this too-happy town, and never look back. What I hadn’t planned on was Maddison. Maddison: Christmas is an awful time of year for me. I had to leave a good job and return to Eden to look after my father who hasn’t known a sober day since Mom’s death. I’ve landed a good job with some great people, but I know this is not the life I want. And just when I think that I’ll never look forward to Christmas, never enjoy the holidays again, I meet Jack. He’s surly and brooding and knows even less holiday cheer than me…but maybe I can fix that.

Sheriff Larson is about to show single mom, Faith, that he’s a man who always gets his woman… I’ve had my eyes on Faith Bridges for months now. I haven’t made a secret of it, but she’s not giving me the time of day.In fact, she’s driving me crazy. There’s a pull between us and I know she feels it, but she refuses to let her guard down. I know why. She’s a single mother and she’s got her son to worry about. She doesn’t want a man to waltz into their lives and leave them. What Faith doesn’t realize is that I’m not that type of man. I’m her man. I’m going to prove to her that she and her son can count on me forever.

My plan for the future is falling apart. What’s this virgin to do? I’ve never wanted to live the same life as my mother. So when my scholarship fund disappears and I’m desperate not to leave college, putting my virginity on the auction block is the only thing I can do. But life is never easy and Cain Dorsey, the perfect boyfriend who has no idea what it’s like to struggle financially, entering my life makes everything so much harder. Him finding out my plan might be too much for him to take. When the winning bid comes in, I’m faced with an impossible choice: convince Cain that this is my only chance to stay in school and with him or give up my dream. Will I lose Cain or can I really have it all?

Can she save Christmas with hot chocolate and s’mores…? Cherie West’s Christmas plans included snow, a romantic mountain ski chalet, and a giant white diamond on her waiting third finger. Instead, she got a cheating boyfriend, a solo vacation, and new plans to drown her sorrows all festive season. That holiday in Vermont couldn’t come fast enough. She called all her friends, but a trip to the USA at Christmas was way outside their budgets. She’d paid, though, and it was non-refundable. Now Cherie is alone and looking for adventure on the most meaningful holiday of the year. After three seasons in Vermont, Brant Bryant has learned an important fact. City slicker couples who come up the mountain with no idea how to manage make his caretaker’s life hell. His newest couple is no exception. Who doesn’t know how to start a fire? When events strand his right-hand man, it’s up to Brant to make the one-mile trek to the chalet next door. You’d think the drive there and back would be simple, right? By the time he arrives, the blizzard of the century threatens. By the time he’s ready to leave, there is no leaving. No one with his deep fear of falling off the mountain would risk it. To complicate matters, his city slicker couple is just one well-padded woman. As the fire warms the room, her layers peel away. They talk. She flirts. He warms to her. When she presents her version of hot chocolate, he’s lost. They only have to survive one night together. How bad could it be?

What do you do when you leave hell and plan on living it up on earth? Obviously, you embrace it and become the absolute poster child of a rich bachelor—penthouse apartment, partying, womanizing. Having worked myself to a position where money is no longer a concern, I unleash my inner demon by indulging in every earthly delight. That was until she came into my life. Charlotte is beautiful, but that isn’t what draws me to her. Something about her is a compulsion I can’t resist, a stimulant that awakens the demon within. Seeing the darkness behind my eyes, Charlotte doesn’t run but instead presses to know more. She can play all my games, but I know she aches for my touch. She resists the attraction out of fear of losing her job, her reputation, and herself to this mysterious allure that draws us together. Then there is that ever-present intrigue lingering under her skin. A buried truth I’m sure I can solve if I can have her with me. Under me. So, what’s a demon to do? Can Frank convince Charlotte to give in to dark temptation? Or will she become the one earthly pleasure he can never indulge in?

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