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My first genuinely naughty experience was a few stolen kisses with a sexy masked man in the rose garden. I would never have expected to start a relationship with a hot billionaire. Working for my father as a tour guide at the historical Emmensby House was the perfect job. But it was also expected of me. I’d never done anything purely for myself… until now. I didn’t intend to fall for an older man, especially not an old university buddy of Dad’s. But Grady volunteered to help save the house from legal issues, which was likely an excuse to spend time with me. Every time he touched me, I felt electrified until my body was begging for more. We grew close so quickly, but things were sure to fall apart when Dad found out. I knew he’d find out someday, but not at the worst possible time – just when I was trying to figure out if Grady was truly the man I belonged with forever.

Bravery. Honor. Sacrifice. Fall in love with a hero today. Want to read some sexy stories about first responders? Want to support the 9/11 Memorial and Museum? Congratulations, you can do both in this 20th anniversary charity romance anthology. Six of your favorite romance authors put together this collection of love stories, and they brought something for everyone. And we mean everyone – steamy, sweet, multicultural, BWWM, new adult, HFA, HEA, second chance, protector, and mystery romance – you can find the perfect story right here. Besides, how often can you do a selfless dead and get your romance fix? Fall in love with a hero today and 100% of the proceeds go to the charity! To keep up to date on the progress of our donations, join our newsletter at

She’s everything I shouldn’t want. I capture her anyway. What humans hail an invasion we call Garrison Earth: a mission to save our species from extinction. But while my warriors will soon have the stomachs of their new mates swell with daughters, I know this planet holds nothing for me. Until a fierce, red-haired female points her gun with her eyes blazing fire, and I know I have found my mate. A bullet and a tranquilizer pad later, I carry her in my arms. Against my better judgment. But who argues fate? With a mission at the brink of failure, I have no time to wait around until Eden is willing to bond. I took her freedom. Might have taken her family. Taking her body is my obligation. I am a male without conscience. Incapable of love. No one has ever pierced my cold heart. No one ever will. Not even her.

When the love of your life dumps you, you’re going to go little nuts. But how much crazy is too much? Mia Singh is heartbroken. The man she thought was the one, the love of her life, has just broken up with her. To make matters worse, he is flaunting a new girlfriend around their workplace. Bitter and devastated, Mia begins to obsess with getting back at her ex, devising ways to kill him so that she can make him pay for what he was putting her through. Sitting in her tiny office cubicle, she adds to her “kill list” every day, plotting and planning, until one day, her devious scheme is realized. But little does she know, this is but the beginning of her misery. 

She’ll never forgive herself. He can’t forget the fighting. With their whole lives ahead of them, dare they risk a kiss? Samantha Young’s wounds run deep. Plagued with guilt because her mother died during childbirth, the aspiring chef is overjoyed when someone finally notices her. But after she falls head-over-heels for a charming jock who turns out to be a cheater, she builds a wall around her emotions forever. Bradley Pierce doesn’t believe in romance. Growing up with his parents constantly arguing, he makes a pact with his best friend never to fall for the lure of affection. But when his heart breaks as a result of her moving away, he wonders if maybe he was wrong all along. Spending the first half of college brushing off any lustful looks, Samantha is caught off-guard when she runs into a handsome guy. And with Bradley realizing he’s more than the sum of his past, their chance meeting may very well have come at the ideal time. Will the two learn and grow from the follies of young love and step into a perfect match?

All four Rocky Grove Ranch books in one box set.

Always Mine: He wants her from the moment he meets her. She worries about even hoping for a man like him. Brooks Jackson now owns Rocky Grove Ranch. The day he meets Rosie Williams is the day his life is turned upside down. Rosie is sure there’s no way a gorgeous man like Brooks could ever want a plump and curvy virgin, but he just might prove her wrong.

Eternally Mine: He’s a self-proclaimed bachelor who doesn’t need a woman by his side. Until he meets her. She’s just a regular girl with a bit of a rebellious streak. She’s resigned herself to being on her own. Until she meets him. Reid Jackson owns Rocky Grove Ranch with his brother. He has no plans to date seriously, let alone settle down and give his heart to a woman. But Lily changes all that from the moment he meets her. Lily Hart never expected to fall hard and fast for anyone, especially the hot-as-sin ranch owner who walks into her grocery store. But an impromptu lunch date may just change her mind.

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