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A search and rescue cop training to become a K-9 handler, a lovely dispatcher who always has his back, and an earthquake that threatens to tear them apart… Officer Ted Hendricks has been biding his time, locating missing skiers and hikers for three years in Colorado, while waiting for a chance to become a K-9 handler. When a spot opens up at the Disaster City Search and Rescue facility in Texas, he jumps at the chance to go, even though it means leaving his girlfriend behind. Dispatcher Deanna Harper had one strict rule — never date a cop. That all changed when she got to know Ted Hendricks. He was the only single officer in the department who didn’t hit on her, which made him all the more appealing. When he decides to travel across the country to train as a K-9 handler, she decides he’s worth taking a chance on a long distance relationship. When Ted’s team is deployed to help in the aftermath of an earthquake in Colorado, Ted finds out that Deanna was in the epicenter. Can Ted find Deanna in time to save her? Will Deanna be able to survive until he does? And if they reunite, will they find a way to be together despite the distance between them?

Fun fact #1: Tequila is my kryptonite. Fun fact #2: Tequila was the main drink at my new job’s Halloween party. Not-so-fun-fact: The Adonis-like masked stranger I slept with at the party turns out to be my new boss. Wait, it’s getting even better. Not only is the irresistible William Coupe my new boss, he’s also my best friend Heather’s big brother and the boy I loved more than anything during my teenage years. His gorgeous blue eyes made him the object of every girl’s fantasy in our entire school. Yet although I always had a crush on him, I promised Heather to never fall for William. And now I’m working as his assistant, obeying his orders, trying my best. Which should be easy, considering this demanding grump treats me like he’s the biggest bosshole on the planet. But… when we’re alone, it’s a completely different story. That’s when the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. That’s when we spend passionate nights in his office. That’s when I start to believe there could be HEA in the cards for us after all. But right when I discover that I’m pregnant, I learn that William is looking for a new assistant. And Heather finds out about our affair. Do some things never change or will fate turn out to be on my side this time?

Get the exciting first three books of the Task Force Hawaii series. It includes the following books: Seductive Reasoning, Hostile Desires, and Constant Craving.

Seductive Reasoning: He’s got a killer to catch and no time for love. Fate has other plans. Former Army Special Forces Officer Martin “Del” Delano has enough on his hands chasing a serial killer and heading up TASK FORCE HAWAII. He definitely doesn’t need the distraction of Emma Taylor. From the moment they meet, she knocks him off his feet, literally. Unfortunately, she’s the best person to have on the team to make the connections to help them catch their killer. For Emma, it’s hard to ignore the lure of a man like him. Tats, muscles and his Harley cause her to have more than a few fantasies about Del. He’d never be interested in a geek like her, but she can’t resist toying with him. When she pushes the teasing too far, she ends up in his bed. She convinces herself she can handle it until the moment he steals her heart. Del can’t help falling for the quirky genius. She’s smart, funny and there’s a sweet vulnerable side to her that only he can see. As Emma gets more involved with the investigation, she becomes the target of the psychopath. When the danger escalates, Del promises to do anything to save the woman who not only captured his heart but also his soul. (Read full blurb on Amazon)

A woman on the rebound. A millionaire ready to stake his claim. A secret that threatens to ruin everything. Shop owner Skylar Love is on the rebound after dumping her lying, cheating boyfriend. Trouble is she can’t trust just anyone, not with a family secret like hers. Multimillionaire Luke Tanner has returned to Love Island to claim more than just Skylar’s heart. With plans to build a lab on the island and move back home, he’s finally ready to put down roots. When a killer attempts to rip his future plans apart, winning her heart takes a backseat to keeping them both alive while they solve the mystery of who is behind the threat.

Three gorgeous billionaires. One ordinary curvy girl. A week on a private island without enough beds. My sister’s getting married on a beautiful tropical island. As the maid of honor, I’ve planned a week of wedding festivities surrounded by pristine beaches, stunning pools, and first-class accommodations. Sounds perfect, right? Except a recent hurricane destroyed half the cabins, and now there aren’t enough to go around. I’m forced to room with two horrible bridesmaids who treat me like dirt. The three best men take pity on me and invite me to stay with them. There’s Brock, a tall, dark, and handsome mystery—one I’d love to unravel. Kincade is easy-going with a wicked sense of humor. And Jessie has kind eyes and a smile that melts panties—especially mine. They may be powerful CEOs, but on the island, they’re total jocks—surfing, playing beach volleyball, swimming laps in the pool and with those super ripped bodies, they’re pretty damn hard to ignore. Four people and two beds makes for some interesting nights. As the week progresses, we share intimate conversations, drinks in their private hot tub, and, well, everything. That’s until the other guests figure out our sleeping arrangement, and I’m embroiled in a scandal that opens an old rift between my sister and me. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused her, but I can’t regret losing my heart to such amazing men. Will my sister ever forgive me? And will three powerful billionaires still want a woman like me once our magical week is over?(Read full blurb on Amazon)

He broke her heart. Now she’s the only one who can save him. Because of his parents taking out a loan before they died in an accident, Zach will lose the family ranch to the bank if he doesn’t come up with the money to repay. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him is Mariah whom he embarrassed by leaving her at the altar a year earlier. Mariah has never gotten over how Zach broke her heart and has wanted to confront him all this time. But the minute his dusty cowboy boots march into her office, Mariah’s hit with a thunderbolt of emotions she’s not prepared for. On the flip side, seeing the love of his life again has Zach’s heart doing cartwheels, and he’s forced to face the mistake he made by letting her go.

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