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She’s the female I can’t have. If I take her, she’ll die. As Warlord of the largest tribe on Solgad, my obligations are many. With a new strain of ice fever running rampant among the freeraiders, the team of healers supplied by the Empire is a welcome relief. Until one of them arrives at Noja with her body begging to be bred, the scent of her heat a dangerous temptation. I save her from a group of rutting Jal’zar warriors, only to lock her in a room with the deadliest of them: me. I carry a terrible curse. Every female I touch dies. No matter how much I long for this woman, I can’t let my instincts put Jessica at risk. As a father, neither can I afford to open my soul to what will only end in heartbreak and loss. I am a male doomed to remain alone. Unable to afford love because no female had ever survived it. Neither will she.

I wanted to focus on my career, and move up the ranks entirely on my own. Then I was talked into one little “business date” with my boss, and everything changed in a heartbeat. Or rather, a flutter of them. Watching my family had taught me the wrong way to do things, and I never wanted to follow their lead. Working as a junior researcher at Wentworth, Sudhir and Carols was a great step for my career, and I would never do anything as foolish as to fall for the most senior of the senior partners. Except that I did. I wanted Charles completely. My body and my brand new libido had formed a gang, and kicked my logical mind out. No woman can resist a man who cooks and packs lunch for her, no matter how strong her resolve. Charles was so passionate, almost obsessive, making it too hard to remember where lines should be drawn. Maybe there was a way that I could turn off this whirlwind of lust and love. Maybe there was a way to convince myself that feeling cared for is not as satisfying as being totally independent. Maybe.

Some of the steamiest authors in romance today have done it again… Channie Cocker and Honey B. Wells have come together to bring you not one, but two stories full of sensual moments, romance and both alpha males and females. If you’re looking for quick reads that can help you escape your daily life and you love steam this is the book for you.

Love makes you vulnerable, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. As the NHL’s notorious bad boy skates into my life, my damaged and broken heart does a surprising flip. Sergei is gorgeous, misunderstood, and his blue-gray eyes have me captivated. Too bad he hates me. I thought graduating college would be my biggest hurdle this year, but I was wrong. When the arrogant jock tells me he’s destined for an arranged marriage, somehow his ring lands on my finger. I will not fall in love… except there’s no playbook for matters of the heart. Sergei: Love isn’t part of our deal. Westlyn thinks she can atone for past mistakes by making an even bigger one, exchanging reckless vows with me. Her overprotective parents forbid our relationship, knowing I would taint their beautiful and precious princess. Even though I do not want to hurt her, I am going to ruin her. I promised my coach there would be no distractions, but that was before I claimed her as mine.

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