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Sebastian Crawford, Duke of Hartford, cares about his duty, honor, and family. He has everything planned: his sister is engaged, and now plans to select his duchess from a list of eligible debutantes. The last thing he expects is his sister to go missing a few weeks before her wedding! Lady Theodosia Winfern is upset when a devilishly attractive duke accuses her of persuading his sister to run from her duties. He declares that Theo won’t leave his side (even if it means sleeping in his chamber) until his sister is found. Theo has little choice but to go along with his scandalous demands. The last thing she wants is the powerful duke as her enemy, especially as he knows about her secret lady’s club! Both are quick to deny the increasingly fiery attraction between them until temptation becomes irresistible and passion can no longer be denied…

After my time in the military, I’m happy with a no-strings-attached lifestyle, Until Brianna shows up at the ranch. Taking the trauma victims on hikes helps them open up and relax. Too bad I’m way more interested in getting Brianna to open up to me than I should be. What I Should Be Doing: 1. Leading hikes. 2. Pointing out nice views and animals. 3. Listening politely when clients want to share what they’ve been through. 4. NEVER getting personally involved. What I’m Doing Instead: 1. Thinking about Brianna all the time. 2. Feeling way too protective of her. 3. Falling on a hike and hurting my ankle. 4. Kissing her…and more. A former nurse, she had lost her baby, and her whole life fell apart. Time at the ranch is supposed to help her heal. She’s vulnerable. Now I’m her patient with my hurt ankle and my misguided crush. Sparks fly, and we start sneaking around. Brianna seems happier, stronger, and I think I’m in love. Until she starts avoiding me. Something’s wrong, and she won’t tell me what it is. I have to make sure she knows she can trust me. I’d never leave her. If only she’d just let me into her heart.

An injured war veteran and a reluctant debutante work together to find out who wants to kill her! Frederick, the Marquess of Stratham, is determined that his war injury will not prevent him from doing all he can to prevent an invasion from the French. What he does not expect is for his endeavors to throw a young lady directly into his path! When a Lady Georgina is pulled from her carriage by an unknown assailant, Frederick has no choice but to promise to protect her. Lady Georgina has never had so much enjoyment during the London season! Bored with her mother’s ongoing expectations for her and quite determined to do as she pleases, she refuses to step quietly back from the incident. Dogged in her determination, she pursues the Marquess with the intention of discovering the truth, only to find herself tied in the most inextricable mystery….as well as a growing affection for the Marquess himself.

She inhales life with every breath. He’s suffered a world of pain. Can they rise above tragedy to find their happily ever after? Maree Davenport refuses to let a tearful past rule her future. After losing her parents at the age of five, the big-hearted fabric designer is determined to embrace her feelings and find happiness no matter what. So when she literally runs over a handsome new firefighter in the produce section, the hopeless romantic is certain she’s just collided with destiny. Everyone Rhys Larsen ever loved has died. And though he may have hit it off with the pretty girl at the store, the haunted EMT knows better than to let her into his heart. But when an accident leaves her wounded and in need of care, he vows to nurse her back to health. As Maree struggles to break through the grieving man’s walls, she fears his deep-seated superhero complex will make him unreachable. And as Rhys grapples with trying to protect the beautiful woman from his curse, he worries he’ll have to choose between doing the right thing and true love. Can this conflicted couple reconcile their opposite takes on adversity and find purpose in each other’s arms? 

Only one thing stands between Sebastian and his quest for revenge. He’s falling in love with his prey. Ivy Kinley, the Countess of Somerset, destroyed a young man, heart and soul. Now, she’s become the target of a cruel game where she is the prize. Wagers are placed: Survive her or win her. Sebastian Cain, the Earl of Ravenswood, is undaunted by the high stakes and Ivy’s reputation. Returning to England, he means to avenge his cousin’s tragic death and ruin the woman responsible. His plan is to lull her with an offer of friendship, one he is certain she will not refuse. But until he has Ivy’s heart bleeding and tattered in his pocket, and the countess herself in his bed, at his mercy and begging for more, he will pursue her. Can he tame her? Perhaps. Could he ruin her? Most definitely. Should Ivy trust his offer of friendship? Absolutely not. Taming her becomes a pleasurable addiction. Loving her, a dangerous development. Understanding his fascination proves confusing at best. And somehow, a quest for revenge becomes a mutual obsession for them both. Who will be ruined first? Who will be tamed? 

Lucrecia: All I have in the world is my sister Mae. We were adrift, on our own until a guy from Black Reign, one of Lake Worth’s most infamous MCs, spotted us and took us in. Rycks isn’t cruel, but he’s hard on us. We have to earn our keep, but then everyone does. Me? I dance for the club. I get a secret thrill from it — until Mae is kidnapped by enemies of Black Reign, and Rycks sends me to Palm Beach — straight into the hands of Salvation’s Bane. Vicious: It all started with some MFer stole my f-n pizza and two cans of beer. I went looking for the SOB. What I found was a raven-haired spitfire too sexy for my own good. Her sister’s in trouble, and wouldn’t you know it that bastard El Diablo’s at the very center of yet more trouble. It’s his club Mae’s been taken from. His club Lucy was sent away from. Now, we have to get Mae back. Because I might be falling for the little dancer in my care. Not that I’ll ever admit it. We’ll have to call out all the stops for this. Bones. Shadow Demons. Hell, even Black Reign. If we’re going to rescue Mae, nothing is out of bounds. But busting her out of some rich banker’s estate will be a piece of cake. No worries. Yeah. Right…

Sweet Confections bakeshop owner, Thea Sheldon, hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to the opposite sex. Over the years, she’s realized that they just don’t make them like they used to—or at least how they’re portrayed in the movies. That all changes when a handsome, smooth‑talking stranger walks into her bakery, determined not to show up empty‑handed for Thanksgiving, when Thea catches his eye, challenging everything she thought she knew. Benjamin Sweet had nothing to prove and everything to gain. He’s the type of man women dream of. All it took was one look from the beautiful bakery owner to know he wasn’t the only one who experienced that unexplainable shift. Looking for love was neither Thea’s nor Ben’s focus. But a casual encounter over red velvet cupcakes has the two taking that leap, only to find out just how sweet being in love can really be. Or can it?

Bolton Briggs started Foxtrot Freight to hire the men he used to command in the Marines in hopes they could build something for themselves. Too bad he can’t seem to outrun the horrors of his twenty years in the military like he keeps telling his men to. He knows better than to pick up strays but when he stops on a dark road to pick up a young girl, he realizes she is much more dangerous to him than he could ever be to her. Ainsley Morrow is a free spirit who goes where the wind sends her. Tonight, it sent her into the path of the biggest and hottest man she has ever laid her eyes on. As big and tough as he looks, he seems scared of her. Little giggling, bubble-gum popping, virginal, barely legal her? Why would this big guy be afraid of her?

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