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Divorced…. I never thought I would be checking this box as a life accomplishment. Apparently, my cheating husband had other plans and no longer wanted to uphold our vows. Life as I knew it will never be the same. Not only do I have to worry about how I will pick up the pieces for myself, but I have to help my son recover from the lies and deceit as well. When my best friend Amanda asks me to go on a road trip to California, I jump at the chance to help her recover from the loss of her mom, as well as escape my own life in turmoil. I finally decide to let loose and have a care-free night. Little do I know just how much that one magical night will change my world.

Shy-girl-at-school Kylee secretly likes Emerson. New-guy-at-school Emerson secretly likes Kylee. Kylee’s conniving brother is causing nothing but trouble and complications in her life. Emerson is just trying to get through each day without making any more bad choices so he can finally have a normal life. Something terrible is keeping them apart. Will the truth ruin everything in the end? Or will Kylee and Emerson get their happily-ever-after, after all? This charming book contains: cool characters, secrets, lies, crushes, jerks with smirks, kissing, romance, heartbreak, laughs, one romantic relationship between two supporting female characters, drama, a fat lip, a black eye, and, of course, some teenage angst.

What’s the saying? When it rains, it pours… And what’s that other one? Life begins at forty… Ha! With my best years and a broken marriage behind me, getting caught in a torrential downpour felt like just another day in ‘Billie’s Hopeless Middle-Aged Life’. But when I slipped into a nearby bar, things went from bad to worse then, unexpectedly interesting. As a nerdy, insecure single mom, my first thoughts were that I had no business drinking alone in the middle of the day. I thought I wasn’t that hopeless… yet. But then I spotted my soon-to-be-ex husband, Logan, canoodling with the younger woman he’d left me for and promptly ordered the biggest and strongest drink they had. Which was when things got… interesting. No sooner had I started drowning my sorrows when a stunning younger man sat at my table and suggested a little dare—a very tempting dare that I knew would give me the chance to hit back at my cheating ex, while also discovering the one thing I’d truly lost over the years… me. 

I stole her soul… now I will fill her womb. The leaders of Solgad call me a rebel. They banished my tribe to the drought-cracked plains, denying me what is mine by right—the title of warlord and a place among those who wield power. But not much longer. To save those under my protection, I steal an Earth woman away from her betrothed. With a sting of my tailclaw between her ribs, I force a soulbond on Ceangal, ruining her for all males to come. Once I put my child in her belly, her influential father has no choice but to support my claim. With my tribe at the brink of collapse, the female’s reluctance toward me means nothing. I stole her soul, yes, but she will surrender her body. Come her next heat, she will beg me to fill her with what only I can give. It may save my tribe. Or destroy us both.

When I married my husband, we promised till death do us part. Too bad only one of us meant it. Licking my wounds, I’m forced to take my son and move back home to start over. Also not in my plans is Kane Decker, my high school crush, still living next door to my parents. Yet there he is, in all his mouth-watering glory, determined to help me find the carefree girl he once knew. Kane makes me want things. And I’m not sure I’m ready to open my heart up again no matter how amazing his kiss is or how much I crave his skin against mine. He’s trying to change my mind, doing his best to convince me to let him in because this time he’s the right one.

This special operative is her only chance. How can he refuse her? After a major leg wound, Special Operative Chris Paxton is about to finally leave the facility where he’s been recovering. So when he wakes up with no clue where he’s at or who’s kidnapped him, things are about to get lethal. Jersey has no choice but to find herself a bodyguard. Who better than a man sporting enough military tattoos to be his own platoon? She hopes this guy’s as badass as he looks because her family is out for blood—hers. Not only are they gunning for her, but the clock is ticking before more people die. With so much at stake, she doesn’t have time for Paxton’s cocky smiles or rough hands…so why does she keep giving in? Saying no to Jersey’s cry for help isn’t an option, and Paxton’s locked and loaded for an all-out war against her big gang family. What neither of them are prepared for is the tight bond their steamy encounters create, leaving them far too aware that when it’s all over both of them have to walk away…and that bond will have to snap.

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